Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – Episode 8.8

A lot of cool things happened this week on The Biggest Loser. Most importantly, Black vs. Blue is over and the contestants are into individuals. This is a huge milestone on the Biggest Loser journey and the contestants should be extremely proud to have made it this far.

The second cool thing this week was that the contestants traveled to Washington, D.C. for the week.

Biggest Loser washington dcThe challenges were Capital inspired. The contestants had a pop challenge trying to get as many people to do a public workout as possible. Liz won a mystery prize (always fun) to be used in the later challenge.

This week’s challenge was a series of mini challenges. Now, I have to admit that I lost a little love for Biggest Loser when Miley Cyrus was being played as the background music, but whatever, it’s not my show to run. In the end, Rebecca won immunity.

Bob, Jillian, and the gang all headed to the White House for a very special tour. They picked vegetables from the First Family’s garden and made a salad in the White House kitchen (try the White House Salad recipe). I was jealous, I didn’t get a trip, not fair.

Jillian gets the quote of the week expressing her hatred for Tracey, while Tracey gets oblivious of the week for thinking Jillian likes her.biggest loser white house salad

Bob was happy to have Amanda back under his wing, and it showed on the scale that Amanda was glad to be there. Which is a perfect transition into the lovely 50-minute weigh in….

The contestants are weighing in for the first time alone. The most notable weight losses were Danny, with a double digit, Amanda with her highest weight loss ever, and Tracey and Liz with merely three pounds lost, putting them below the yellow line.

In the end Tracey was sent home (shocker to all of you I’m sure), but personally I liked her. She is doing fantastic at home and is a big competitor for the at-home winner.

I know next week is a huge episode, so hold on to your hats folks! Until next week BLers-or if you run into me at school- best in health.
-Mike Morelli

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