Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – Episode 8.3

The contestants started off this week with a series of temptations. If a team chose to abandon the use of two world-class trainers for one whole week, they get a two pound advantage at the weigh in. With most teams over or around 550 pounds a .36% is pretty dismal and really no one in their right mind would take it, right? Wrong. Tracey took control this week and took the two pounds without discussing with Coach Mo and faced the wrath of Bob and Jillian.

In a follow-up temptation, the contestant who ate the most cupcakes in 10 minutes would have the power to choose which team member would weigh in for each team. Again, Tracey stepped up and snagged the win and the power. A little early for gameplay (in my opinion), but I’m not there; maybe she’ll win from a week three power move, but I doubt it. A verbal beating and a near murder by Jillian followed.biggest loser challenge

This week’s challenge looked fun. Contestants had to carry either ten pounds from a close distance, or 25 pounds from a further distance up a steep ramp. The first team to reach 500 pounds won. I personally would have chosen the short distance, making more trips, but again I’m not there. The green team won this challenge, barely edging out the pink team and won immunity. Allen is basically diesel. End of story.

With the weigh in around the corner, Bob and Jillian really focused on the girls of the house, because they are the easier targets for elimination. It was all blood, sweat and tears, but by far the most awesome thing of the whole episode was Danny vs. the tire. That workout looks awesome! I wanna do it. Someone out there get me a giant tire. Please.

This week’s weigh in was one for the books. Tracey chose mostly women to be the deciding factor in the weigh-in, except the blue team (I thought that was odd, game play wise). In the end, the orange team and the red team fell below the yellow line. But the real story at this weigh in, was the utter silence from the group when Tracey lost 11 pounds. Gee, think they wanted her gone??

sean and antoine biggest loserPost weigh in was pretty heart wrenching. Sean and Antoine, the red team, asked to be sent home so that Shay could stay. That was amazing of them to give up on their own chance for another team.

The elimination went as everyone expected and the red team was eliminated. They are both doing great at home and I cannot wait to see them at the finale!

(Side note, that is the second time Daniel‘s team was saved by another team. Week 2 season 7 when Jerry was eliminated.)

See you all next week after another great Biggest Loser Recap!
Best in Health!
-Mike Morelli

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