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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-17

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Ali takes the contestants on a trip down memory lane to remind them of how far they’ve come in 17 weeks on the ranch. After seeing themselves at the start of this journey, the contestants find out that this is the last week they will all be on the ranch. At the end of the week, they’ll all be heading home. Tara, Helen and Mike take a spin in their goal outfits and acknowledge their hard work to this point.

At a check up with Dr. Huizenga, the contestants find out how losing the extra weight has changed their bodies for the better. Seeing the physical difference between pictures and medical stats from week one to now, the changes are amazing. By losing more than 100 pounds, Helen has taken 10 years off of her biological age!biggest-loser-final-five

This week’s challenge had the contestants carrying their weight all over again. There were 16 hills to represent each week they’ve all been on the ranch. At each hill,┬áthe players will be able to “lose” the amount of weight they lost that week until they get to the final hill and they will symbolically “let go” of their weight by throwing it over the edge. First place winner has the choice between $10,000 and a one pound advantage. Lucky for the second place winner because they get the prize first place doesn’t take. Tara fought her way to first place as Mike brought it in at second place.

During the last chance workout, the trainers were surprised with “Train the Trainer Day,” where the contestants got to give Jillian and Bob a little of their own medicine. But it didn’t last long before Jillian and Bob had everyone on the floor sweating buckets.

This week’s weigh-in will determine who the final four in this game will be. Everyone had an amazing week, but even with his 10 pound loss, Filipe fell below the yellow line. Joining him was Ron who lost 9 pounds.┬áThe teams voted to send Filipe home, leaving Ron as part of the final four.

Filipe, who is not only inspiring a nation, he’s inspiring his family and culture to make healthy changes. Since being eliminated Filipe has been paying it forward to family, friends and anyone who wants to join in his backyard exercise group. With Filipe losing more than 140 pounds, he’s going to be tough competition for the at-home prize.

April 29th, 2009