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Issue # 10.8 - Eliminated Week 8 - Jesse Atkins and Aaron Thompkins

Jesse's and Aaron's Elimination Interview - The now lifelong friends talk about the new non-profit they've founded to help other families live the Biggest Loser lifestyle. Plus, the status of Jesse's friendship with Patrick.

Jesse Atkins' Biggest Loser Journey

Aaron Thompkins' Biggest Loser Journey

Shay's Week 8 Recap - Shay is, for lack of a better word, going off on the Biggest Loser contestants this week. Catch her exclusive reaction and recap from DietsInReview.com and leave your feedback - it's really heating up!

Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout - The newest video game from Biggest Loser uses the Kinect with XBox 360.

Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook is the First All-Natural Dessert Cookbook, Says Devin Alexander - The series released another cookbook, and this one will tempt and satisfy your sweet tooth. Best of all, no guilt! Hear our interview with Chef Devin and get two recipes from the book!

Biggest Loser Recipe - Red Pepper Bisque - From the chefs at Biggest Loser Resort comes this hearty and boldly flavored soup for only 59 calories.

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