BL360 is a New Non-Profit Founded by Biggest Loser Eliminated Contestants Jesse and Aaron

Contestants of Biggest Loser leave the show with more than impressive weight loss, most of them leave with new best friends. Sharing such a significant experience bonds them and they are relationships that any past or previous contestant will tell you are strong, valuable and meant for life. The same is true of Jesse Atkins and Aaron Thompkins, the two most recent eliminated contestants. While they weren’t too close during the eight weeks they were there, it was during the eighth week when they were paired on a team and formed a friendship.

Jesse said their week together was “the most fun week on the ranch,” and Aaron said Jesse is “like a brother to me” and that they formed “a friendship that will last for a lifetime.” While Jesse is in Minnesota and Aaron in Ohio, the two admit they speak daily, whether by phone or text, and will make the effort to always be in one another’s lives.

Not only did these to share a memorable week together on the Biggest Loser Ranch, they also were eliminated together in one of the most dramatic eliminations and episodes this show has ever seen. Such drama that Shay Sorrells could hardly hold back her frustration in her weekly recap and reaction, and fans are threatening boycotts if this level of game play (executed by Frado and Brendan) continues. It speaks to the maturity and positivity these two share that they hold no hard feelings toward their fellow contestants for their unfortunate removal from the game.

Aaron says “I’m not angry at Frado, Brendan and Patrick, we all went with different reasons and goals.”

Continue to hear our interview with Aaron and Jesse, as they tell us about the inspired steps they are taking to “pay it forward” with a new non-profit called BL360. Jesse also addresses the current state of his relationship with Patrick.

We were relieved to hear Jesse say that he and Patrick are still friends “despite [Patrick’s] temporary lapse in judgment.” The two recently spoke and Jesse explained that he told Patrick the two signs of a quality friend: that one can own up to and apologize and the other can forgive. It seems like they’re there.

We’re more than impressed with the steps Aaron and Jesse have taken to lead their cast of 21 from Biggest Loser 10 to form “BL360,” a new non-profit that will help families follow the Biggest Loser lifestyle at no cost. Each contestant will select a family from their town (21 cities) to use Biggest Loser Meal Plan, Biggest Loser Resort and Biggest Loser Club at no cost and help them kick-off the lifestyle.

Aside from the publicized “pay it forward” theme for this season, the secondary theme is game play. It’s some of the worst we’ve seen and Aaron’s and Jesse’s departure is no doubt a result. However, Jesse and Aaron don’t hold any grudges. In fact, Jesse says “nobody committed any heinous crimes on season ten of the Biggest Loser.”

These two, at least to viewer eyes, didn’t dabble in the game much beyond what they had to. Jesse is proud of the maturity he gained at the ranch. He says he used to blame his weight on excuses and other people, now he’s able to face his problems and own them.

Aaron went to Biggest Loser to achieve mental growth, and to become healthier for his son, London, and his family. “I can keep my head up knowing I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.”

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