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Issue # 10.7 - Eliminated Week 7 - Anna Wright

Anna Wright's Elimination Interview - A songwriter for Toni Braxton and Dru Hill, Anna is inspired to keep composing since leaving Biggest Loser. Learn more about her busy daily routine, how Abby Rike has helped her and her take on this season's game play.

Anna's Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow

Shay's Week 7 Recap - No recap would be complete without Shay's "been there done that" insights. Plus, she needs your help choosing some new faves for final four!

Eat Food, Not Stuff Simple Rules of Clean Eating - How to incorporate this healthy habit into your lifestyle, by Emily Fonnesbeck, RD from Biggest Loser Resort.

New Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook Looks Sinfully Delicious - This new book by Devin Alexander releases next week. Get a sneak peek at the more than 80 "healthy treats that satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your calorie budget."

How to Prepare for a Half Marathon - As Shay plans for this weekend's NYC Marathon, she shares with us the method she follows to help her get to the finish line.

Biggest Loser Recipe - Tara's Turkey Mini-Meatloaf - This recipe from season 7's all-star Tara Costa is as satisfying as mom's but with only 110 calories and one gram of fat.

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