Anna Wright’s Life and Weight Loss Inspired by Biggest Loser

The people on Biggest Loser aren’t just trying to lose weight. Most of the time, they have personal, deep-seated issues that need to be overcome. For Anna Wright, it was putting the pieces back together after the death of her 3-year-old son, which was then immediately followed by the death of her father. She dealt with those losses by eating, and that pushed her to a starting weight of 330 pounds.

A long-time fan of the show, watching since season one, Anna had tried out four different times for a coveted spot at the ranch. She says her fourth audition was the charm! Then, when she was so close, a challenge in Atlanta was all that stood between her and the shirt. She lost the race, and her chance to go to the ranch, and says the look on her son’s face as he watched her lose killed her, and was the driving force she needed to lose more than 30 pounds at home on her own. That weight loss earned her the spot she’d longed for and she spent three weeks at Biggest Loser before being sent home last night.

Anna talks to us about what she did at home to lose the weight, which included a trip to the Biggest Loser Resort. She also talks about the rampant game play this season and how she felt naive to it. Listen now and then continue reading to learn more about Anna.

Down more than 80 pounds, Anna continues to work toward her goals, both a number she has in mind and the vision of sliding into a slinky black dress! As an administrative assistance, Anna works 10-12 hours a day. She says when you factor in sleep, working out and life in general, it does leave much time, so she literally squeezes in workouts anywhere she can. That means waking at 5:30 a.m. for a 1-1.5 hour stint at the gym, followed by another 1-2 hours after work. Then she uses her breaks at work to do five full trips up and down the 13 flights of stairs in her office.

She’s grateful to Biggest Loser for helping her break down her walls and start rebuilding. She’s even had a chance to speak with season 8’s Abby Rike, a contestant who shared a similar loss of a child. Anna’s drawn a lot of inspiration from Abby’s story, saying she’s helped Anna understand not to give up.

Not only is Anna looking forward to that final weigh-in in December, but she’s looking forward to composing new songs. As a professional song writer who has sold songs to Toni Braxton and Dru Hill this year, she says her Biggest Loser journey has inspired about five new songs, and she hopes “people will be inspired by me through song.”

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