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McDonalds Diet

McDonalds Diet

Someone decides to lose weight only eating McDonald's meals.

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No, you don't need to have your eyes examined. This really is called the McDonald's Diet, named for the fast-food giant who put french fries and cheeseburgers on the international map. The diet did not come out of one of their test kitchens, but rather the mind of Merab Morgan of North Carolina.

Restricting herself to only 1,400 calories/day, her plan was to eat at Mickey D's three times every day. Over the course of her three-month diet, Morgan lost a little more than 30 pounds.

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You're probably asking what someone eats on a McDonald's Diet for only 1,400 calories/day. Especially when you consider this - one meal including a Quarter Pounder with cheese, medium fries, medium Coke and an apple pie is a whopping 1,240 calories!

Morgan's diet included a sausage burrito and medium Diet Coke (300 calories, all from the burrito) for breakfast. The rest of the time it was cheeseburgers (300 calories each) and salads (a Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken has 320 calories).

Morgan's McDonald's Diet was certainly not the first. A New Hampshire woman gave herself a 2,000 calorie McDonald's diet and lost more than 35 pounds. Guinness Book of World Records features Don Gorske, the famed gentleman who has eaten well beyond 19,000 Big Macs since the early '70s. Don's a slender 6', 180 pounds.

However, let's not forget Morgan Spurlock who filmed a 2004 documentary following him on his 30-day, McDonald's-only adventure. We watched his belly expand and health climb to dangerously high blood pressure, cholesterol and other life-threatening illnesses.


No guidance provided or suggested.


While limiting yourself to a healthy daily caloric intake is advisable, you would be strongly encouraged to speak with your doctor before pursuing a McDonald's Diet. Then be prepared for a scolding.

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Ew, I'd probably lose weight because McDonalds makes me throw up!


Sounds good- but expensive!


I have seen it all now the Mcdonald's Diet! what is next the chocolate diet, or the trans fat diet ha


This sounds crazy but maybe it could work. If you stick to the salads, grilled chicken, yogurt and other healthy things they've added to there menu. If all these other people say it has worked for them then maybe.


Ronald McSeriously?


Hmmm, not quite the same as the Subway diet. Can you see Jarod pitching this? I'm gonna pass.


Say What?! There's a difference between 1400 healthy calories and 1400 calories out of a Mickey D Fryer. You might lose weight because of less calories, but what about all the trans-fat, grease and carbs?


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