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Curves Complete Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

A women-only fitness center offering 30-minute total body circuit workouts.

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What is it?

Curves Complete is a women’s weight loss plan offering nutrition, fitness, and motivational support. Exercise regimens, personal consultations and support, and specific foods are recommended while on this system.

It’s claimed that those who use Curves Complete lose on average 3 inches and 10 pounds with around 13 weeks of use. There’s also 6 customizable meal plans with varying amounts of foods offered. Our review experts look at many kinds of weight loss diets. They’ve concluded the most effective overall is the 18Shake Diet. It’s made up of a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake. Customers have rated it highly for its effective weight loss effects. Discover more about the benefits of the 18Shake Diet by following this link.

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Curves Complete Ingredients and Side Effects

All the foods offered are in recipe form, and it’s unknown what kinds of specific ingredients are allowed. There are 6 different eating plans however such as:

Wordily Chef: Provides the company’s granola bars, tacos, chicken with tomatoes, edamame, eggs, and more.

• Health Nut: Cantaloupe with yogurt, quinoa salad, special granola bars and salmon.

• Love it All: Pastrami sandwiches, pork chop, mixed salad, egg English muffin, and granola bars.

• Queen of My Kitchen: Roast beef sandwiches, dark chocolate bar, quiche, and more.

• On the Go: Steak with greens, almonds, granola bar, whole wheat English muffin, and mixed salad.

• Dietary Restricted: Special Greek yogurt parfait, roasted veggies, tuna salad, and omelet.

Only pictures are provided to explain what kinds of foods are allowed on each of these selections. No official descriptions as to the specific ingredients used are listed anywhere.

There’s also 3 different phases offered:

Phase 1: How to select portions is taught and calories are limited to 1,400 a day.

• Phase 2: Calories are increased by 1,500 a day, and this phase is dedicated to helping burn off fat instead of muscle. There are more recipes, foods from restaurants, and desserts allowed in this phase. This is continued until one reaches their targeted weight.

• Phase 3: Once the desired weight is reached, the same principles are applied without the need for dedicated calorie and food restrictions. There is an allowance of 2,000 calories per day, and a new lifestyle is allowed.

Exercise also plays a major rule, as 30 minute circuits are recommended at specific Curves fitness areas It’s recommended to go this center 4 times a week, and to alternate between cardiovascular workouts and strength training.

Click on the link provided for a list of the highest rated weight loss diets.

There is also the option of stretching and Zumba courses. 10,000 steps are also recommended each day. One targeted weight loss goals are reached, it’s recommended to maintain circuit training 3 to 4 times a week to maintain weight.

Going to Curves facility is advised and these exist all over the US.  There’s currently over 10,000 locations across the globe, and 1,035 centers across the US.

This is essentially a fitness, diet, and motivational support plan for weight loss. One has to cook foods from the allowed recipes, though it’s impossible to judge the overall quality without first seeing the kinds of ingredients used.

A potential issue is due to the low amount of calories which might not be enough for all people.  This can make it difficult to uphold without hunger pains. The link here has a list of the top rated weight loss diets.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

Curves Complete Quality of Ingredients

It’s unknown what kinds of ingredients are called for in the recipes offered. The foods do look appetizing, but it’s unknown if only whole foods and natural ingredients are emphasized.

There’s also a low amount of calories offered, and this may not be enough to satisfy demands. Reducing calories is essential to weight loss, but there’s a heavy demand for exercise and its unknown if the meals provide enough protein to satisfy appetite.

When adding strenuous exercise as this plan requires, it can increase hunger and make it harder to suppress appetite. This can require then require more calories, which can make it difficult to stick to such a low calorie offering. Much more information is needed to ensure one will be able to live up to these diets demands. The list of the top ranked weight loss diets is featured in the link here.

The Price and Quality of Curves Complete

No official prices are offered on the website. There is a claim that going to the gym is as low as $3.25 per session, but its unknown what the total cost is for the recipes and the entire Curves Complete plan.

One price estimate says the rest of the plan is about $5 a week, and there is also start up fees for the gym as well as having to cook your own foods.

This plan is comprehensive as it combines exercise and dieting, but this requires a lot of time and dedication.

Business of Curves Complete

The official Curves International company can be reached at:

Phone Number: (877) 673-3144

Address: 5770 Fleet St

             Carlsbad, California 92008

Email: membercomments@curves.com

The company has had lawsuits against them up to $20 million. There are also 5 closed complaints on their Better Business Bureau website. For a list of the best weight loss diets, click on the link here.

EDITOR’S TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Customer Opinions of Curves Complete

Provided below are some online reviews from users:

“They will continue to bill you even after you die”

“Tried to email and call the customer service staff to cancel but they would not handle a credit dispute”

“Had to cancel and when I checked they sent me a very rude and disrespectful answer”

“at the gym they offer no helpful support”

People described it as a simple low calorie plan that requires exercise. This is a very common approach to weight loss.

Some had serious issues with the customer service staff, and there were also complaints about the contracts requires. People who read it mentioned how it makes it hard to escape being automatically charged each month.

There were also users who added how the recipes offered are basic. The link cited has a comprehensive list of the highest rated weight loss diets.

Conclusion - Does Curves Complete Work?

It’s likely that one will lose weight while greatly reducing calories and exercising. There were issues from users who added how they felt it was difficult to escape the contracts, and that there is very little support on how to properly exercise. Some also had issues with the amount of effort needed for weight loss. There is no information on the kinds of ingredients needed for the recipes, and this makes it impossible to determine the overall value.

Our review experts have rated many kinds of weight loss diets. In their research they found that the 18Shake Diet is the most effective for weight loss.  This offers an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake and a fat burning diet pill.

Both are made with pure natural ingredients free of preservatives, colors, binders, fillers, or any artificial ingredients. It’s also manufactured in a certified GMP approved facility that’s approved by the FDA. To find out more about the 18Shake Diet, click on the link provided here.

How Does Curves Compare?
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  • Curves
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Curves International, also known as Curves for Women, Curves Fitness, or just Curves, is an international fitness franchise co-founded by Gary and Diane Heavin in 1995. Curves currently has 10,000 locations worldwide and an estimated 4 million plus members (as of October 2006). It is a privately held company by its co-founders, with corporate offices located in Waco, Texas. Curves fitness and weight loss facilities are designed specifically for and focused on women, although in some states, men are allowed to join.

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User Feedback

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Sharon Lesher


I like Curves, you only get out of something as much as you put in. I like meeting the other woman they are all very friendly along with the trainers. I work much harder with the Curves Smart program and there are people who want to socialize and some who want to work out, I do both. But I think it is great NO MEN. It is sad though that there isn't a place for the children to be there,, so the mothers could exercise and also the mothers and daughters could do it together.

posted Aug 28th, 2009 1:59 pm



I've been a Curves member for almost 6 years. I'm 50 years old and have lost 125 pounds: 75 before Curves (diet and walking) and 50 with Curves plus diet. I think the workout can be excellent but people need to educate themselves about fitness and diet in general. When I started at Curves, my resting heart rate was 81, it is now 53. I have become very fit using the Curves program. That said, I did not accomplish this by exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes at 60-65% of maximum heart rate. I worked at at 75% and now work out between 80 and 85% 3-4 times a week, for up to 90 minutes, and walk 2 times a week. I have heard a lot of misinformation from other members and some of the people who work at Curves. Curves claim that you can lose weight in just 3 times per week at 65% heart rate was disproven by their own study. The Curves study showed that the women who succeeded, were by and large, obese, or morbidly obese, had not exercised much in the past, and worked out for 50 minutes, 5 times a week. Because 3 times a week for 30 minutes is part of that 50 minutes 5 times a week, Curves could say 30 minutes 3 times a week works. Statistics are very easy things to manipulate. A couple of years ago, the owner of a Curves I was going to was saying how you lose more weight by working out less hard. This is completely wrong, but that information came from the fact that when you work out at a lower heart rate (aerobic) you burn a larger percentage of calories from fat than if you work out at a higher heart rate (anaerobic) rate. That is true. However, you burn more total calories, which is what one needs to be concerned with when one is trying to lose weight and therefore more calories from fat, by the numbers, when you work out harder: at a higher heart rate. Curves manipulated the data to attract sedentary ladies and get them into an an exercise routine. I know a lot of women who quit Curves after a few months because it no longer seemed to be working. Bottom line, is, if you want to continue to see results, you have to increase your exercise as you become stronger. My Curves does have Curves smart and I mostly like it. For one thing, before Curves smart, I was working very hard, but often using the recovery boards to get and keep my heart rate up. Well, I am on the Curves Smart Endurance workout which has me working at a high rate and getting my heart rate up there on the machines. I am definitely working harder and have a noticed a difference. I have lost a little more weight, with minimal dietary changes, and I'm very strong and getting a nice, sculpted shape (for my age). I like seeing the read out at the end of the workouts. However, the heart rate monitor on the stepper is not accurate, and that could actually be dangerous. The machine ALWAYS shows my heart rate lower than what it is if I take my own pulse. Fortunately, I have learned enough about fitness and my own health to be able continue to work hard without hurting myself. At my Curves, because we still have mostly non-Curves smart members, we still have the regular heart rate check, which I use. The other thing about the Endurance level with which I adamantly disagree is that it says I'm supposed to do the work out 5 DAYS A WEEK. Everything I've read by Physician's, Trainer's, etc... says that one is not supposed to strength train on consecutive days. That's very bad for you, and shame on Curves for not doing their homework on this. We also have a problem with the machines not working consistently. This is more of annoyance than anything else, because when you're working your hardest, you know you're strong, the machine worked fine 2 days prior, and suddenly it's not giving you any green, or even registering at all, it reflects badly, and inaccurately on your numbers. I enjoy Curves and I have accomplished a lot there because I have taken it upon my self to learn as much as I can about fitness and because I work out in a way that I feel is best for me. We have some staff members who are very knowledgeable and helpful, and some who frankly, don't know what they're doing. Like anything else, do your homework, and do what's best for you.

posted Aug 22nd, 2009 4:55 pm


I manage a Curves is Australia and wanted to answer Elizabeth's questions about hygiene.

At my Curves and anyother Curves I've had contact with all machines are cleaned at least twice a day, sometimes more if they are in a high traffic area. There is also the use of a hand sanitiser before and after the workout. Many of our 'sweatier' ladies also carry a hand towel with them to cover the machines while they workout. So it really is very unlikely for to catch anything from the equipment.

As far as the CurvesSmart timing goes, if everyone is starting their workout on a recovery board and following the cues when on the recovery boards there should only be a 2-3 second delay if the CurvesSmart ladies are a little slow at registering thier tag with the machine. But this slight delay should be caught up at the next recovery board, we've suggested to our ladies that where possible have at least one station between ladies just so you dont get held up.

We've also found that since introducing the CurvesSmart system the chatter in the club as reduced, people are more focused on their workout and getting their results. Our members dont even talk to our coaches while their on a machine that's how focused they are!

posted Jul 22nd, 2009 5:13 am



I'm sorry for Kay's experience at Curves. I am a long-time member, over 3 years, and when I joined, there was no sign saying that children were not welcome. I suspect that it was added after some customers complained that so-called "quiet" and "well-behaved" children reached an age when they weren't so quiet and mom had to jump on and off the circuit to shush them constantly. This creates a problem for those of us who are continuing on the circuit. We shouldn't have to remember where Mom was so she can jump back in when she feels ready. However, it is not true that Curves is "for old ladies", and certainly not for ladies who've "already had their children and don't want to be bothered" (!?) I am in my forties and do NOT consider myself an old lady. To anyone considering joining, I say, join if you want to lose weight and diet if you want to keep it off.

posted Jul 19th, 2009 8:54 am


I loved Curves and lost over 30 pounds with it after I had my baby. Unfortunately, after we moved I tried to transfer to a Curves at my new location and was told that my child would not be welcome to quietly watch me workout like she had before at the previous location. Something about Curves was for old ladies and they'd already had their children and didn't want to be bothered by the presence of mine! I thought this was insane and took my business elsewhere. Apparently, it is standard practice to exclude women with well-behaved children present in most Curves locations. At the location where I had a great experience with Curves there were women of all ages and most were gracious and eager to be successful with their health goals. There were many a mom with kids in tow and never an instance of trouble for the ladies from the children. In fact, most people seemed a little disappointed that my little sweet pea didn't show up with me on rare occasion.

posted Jun 29th, 2009 4:40 am


I am currently participating in the 30-day challenge, and am looking for an opinion: how sanitary is it to share equipment with strangers in such rapid succession? I'm concerned about MRSA (antibiotic-resistant staph).

Also, the Curves Smart doesn't quite make sense to me: half of the women are sticking to the circuit and following the timed cues to change stations, while those doing Curves Smart are working at a different interval: how can this be effective? It seems to negate the efficiency of he timed cue - group workout environment.

Thanks for any input and encouragement you can provide. I've seen people have significant success with this program!

posted May 28th, 2009 7:04 pm


I joined curves about two months ago and I only want to lose weight in my stomach area. The problem that I have is that every area of my body seems to be doing great, but my stomach is continuing to protrude out there. My weight is 129 , height 5'3 and I am 37yrs. I have had three children and trying to lose this excess fat that has been haunting me. Is there anyone out there that have had this similar problem?

posted May 28th, 2009 2:02 pm

Jennifer L. S.


Curves Real cost $59/month ($39 base, $5 curves smart, $45/3months website fee) plus enrollment fee varying from free (recent promotion with a bag of groceries donated) to full price around $150.

I just completed my participation in their "30 days for 30 dollars" fitness study. Although I liked the workout and felt energized rather than tired after my workouts, over all they didn't help me loose weight.

I am an RN with a BSN. I had a nursing research class where we learned what elements help make a good reliable study. Having now participated in this so-called study I can easily see how it will yield highly inaccurate results. Here are a few of the issues I observed: There is way to note which arm/leg was measured during before and after measurements, which could vary greatly from side to side, and do on myself. Hands were not required to be washed before % body fat assessment and contact with electrodes could effect your measurements. My height was not measured but asked, this will affect the BMI results. I believe I was wearing my shoes for my original weigh-in but not for the follow-up, with shoes I would have gained an additional pound. Original measurements were easily visible to both measurer and participant during re-measure (this can lead to inaccuracies as the post measurement is suppose to be less). There is no control for variations in measurements from staff member to staff, such as arranging for the same staff person both times. There is also no pre-measurement prep guide like be sure you're hydrated, wearing similar clothes to original assessment, and if you eat take only a light meal. All of these affect your post measurements and therefore the results of the study. Furthermore the study results could easily be skewed by an individual changing data (as all data is self entered) due to embarrassment and would be better put in by the curves staff.

Study measurements are inaccurate and in this case, my BAD results were very discouraging to me. I was prepared to have not lost weight but only inches. However, I gained multiple pounds and was told "I've never seen anyone gain this much weight (3.75 pounds)." I was not highly encouraged to go on the website mentioned in the study. Also, although I worked out on "curve smart" machines, I didn't get to use curves smart, thus the question about using a curves smart machine seems irrelevant to my workout. I also agreed to as part of the study (per the paper work which I read) to go on the website ??we necessary? but was never told to do so until TODAY when I finished the study. Therefore this is not just a curves ??princess? problem but a design problem. Participants and facilitator participation is not dummy or average person goof proof as it needs to be for an unmonitored study set up like this.

Overall I am very discouraged and frustrated. I have no confidence in any of the measurements taken aside from weight, which I gained (3.75 lbs in 30 days). To me this shows curves to be ineffective and POINTLESS.

posted May 18th, 2009 10:36 pm



I joined Curves two months ago and started Curves Smart two weeks ago. I am 38 yrs old and pretty overweight. So far I have lost 24 lbs and 18.5 inches. I love Curves Smart, it challenges me much more than the regular program. I should note that I've also changed my eating habits, drink LOTS of water and I also work out for 30 minutes every morning at home (staionary bike) and walk for at least an hour every night (I've got two dogs who need it as much as I do)

posted Apr 23rd, 2009 2:09 pm



I just joined the Curves Avon Fitness Study. I will be working out 3x a week (M/W/F). At the end of 30 days, I hope to drop one size.
I am no stranger to exercise. However, I am the type of person that requires motivation. The reedy Branch Curves location I joined in Jacksonville FL is great so far. I have been there twice and Simone is awesome! She pushes everyone with encouragement and tips throughout the workout. I hope she will help me achieve my goals! I will keep you posted.

posted Apr 22nd, 2009 2:49 pm



I've tried Weight Watchers and also belonged to a local fitness club for the last two years. WW was too expensive for the results and the walking at the club was not as effective as I would have liked. I quit both and went to Curves as a last resort. The difference is incredible. In three months I've lost 15 inches! I feel so much better and old clothes are starting to fit again.

Curves is as effective as you want it to be. The harder you work, the more results you will see. I enjoy the banter between the gals but don't feel like I have to take part. It's a light-hearted atmosphere but also allows me to work hard and get results. MUCH friendlier than the fitness club!

posted Apr 19th, 2009 11:30 am



Curves - is what you make of it. I've been going for about 2 and a half months. I lost 8 pounds and 8.50 inches. I love it too. I ama 57 years old. Yes you do have alot of older woman who just love to come and talk and workout and are not on the curves smart. But I am on the curves smart and when I go I politely say hello to everyone and make a little small talk and then get serious and do my workout. I can't workout hard and talk too so I stay serious and quiet. I've never been one to exercise so this is really making a change in my body. I would recommend Curves to anyone!

posted Apr 12th, 2009 5:08 am




posted Apr 11th, 2009 2:29 pm


Liked it at first, but it got boring quickly. Signed a year contract, so I can't quit until August. Also the hours at my Curves are odd. They do not open until 8:00 am and close for lunch 12:00 to 3:00 and close at 7:00 pm. On Saturdays they close at noon. The owner and staff talk to much about their personal lives also.

posted Apr 6th, 2009 2:38 pm



posted Mar 13th, 2009 12:59 pm



I joined on February 23rd. It is March 11th. I am going to my Curves 3x a week and following the weight management program. I have lost 17.20lbs and 30inches already!!!!!! Curves is what you make of it. Sometimes you have to try different locations to find one that suits you best. This is my second time joining, because I too, didn't have a great experience at first, but now there is new staff and such a different vibe all around. Don't lose hope.. lose yourself in your workout and lose those unwanted pounds!

posted Mar 11th, 2009 10:03 pm



I've been a member of Curves for two years, and have upgraded to the Curves Smart program. The Weight Management Program was a little intimidating at first, but it does work.

posted Mar 11th, 2009 9:51 pm


Dear IMV,
I am also in my twenties, and was a prior member, and to tell you the truth Curves is more of a beginner workout. Its not really meant for people who are fit and used to hardcore workouts. I think you will end up bored after awhile. I think they have trial periods, see if you can ask them to try the place a couple of times and decide what you want to do after that.

Good luck

posted Feb 17th, 2009 12:31 am



I joined curves a month ago and I love love love it. I am losing weight and my energy level is up. Its so much fun and very doable.

posted Feb 12th, 2009 1:03 pm


***I have read ALL the reviews. Im trying to do my hw before signing up.***

Hi. I am a 22 year old, fit girl since I work all day and have a puppy, I need to be home as soon as possible but I used to work out everyday (and I just cant workout at home)... with the 30 min circuit, Curves seems a great place to loose the 15 lbs that I gained over Chrismas and the unlimited food bar (where I work) for lunch.

What concerns me is.. is it going to be good enough (hard enough) in a few months when I get back in shape? I mean, after all I will sign a one year agreement I dont want it to go down the drain in a few months.

I like rutines & easy to use machines (less time spent figuring them out, it really adds up) and time is my biggest constraint.

I have been to gyms before where if I work out everyday the same routine I can loose 15 pouns in a months, no change in diet... so I know workouts do it for me. so all I ask is for someone young and fit to tell me that it will work for me and I can sign up right away.. I am currently doing the 2 weeks free trial and so far I like it... but I have only seen older women (40-80s) and its stops me from commiting... I mean their metabolism is different, most of them have had kids (different bodies)...

Anything would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for your feedback!

posted Feb 5th, 2009 8:19 am


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QUICK FACTSQUICK FACTS Start the Diet Now Advertisement
  • Established: 1992
  • Founder: Gary and Diane Heavin
  • Headquarters: Waco, Texas
  • Accessibility: Fitness facilities and gyms
  • Diet Type: 30 minute workout circuit training
  • Gender: Female
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Jillian Michaels

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jillian michaels 468

Women have hectic schedules, balancing work and family, without time to schedule a workout. Curves, a nationwide fitness network for women only, solves a busy girl’s problems.

Curves offers 30-minute workouts three times a week and approaches diet and fitness practically for the modern-day woman with a full schedule. Each gym employs trained professionals (although, these aren't necessarily certified personal trainers or exercise physiologists) to teach women how to use equipment and how to perform exercises. Plus, Curves fitness facilities are just for women so any discomfort they might feel in a co-ed gym is instantly relieved.

Curves expanded its diet and fitness options in 2012 with Curves Complete, a total weight loss solution for busy women combining fitness, meal plans, and coaching. Curves Complete provides a wealth of resources, community support and diet and fitness experts – now including famed trainer for Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels.

Starting January 2014, Curves launched Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels. According to Mike Raymond, the Chief Marketing Officer for Curves, the Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels will add Michaels’ renowned methods for training and coaching to Curves’ traditional circuit workout. Each month, Michaels will update the workouts by introducing new moves.

Participating Curves centers offer 2 memberships: Curves Fitness and Curves Complete.

Curves Fitness memberships include access to Curves Specialty Circuit Classes and Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels. This membership focuses only on fitness and workouts.

Curves Complete memberships offer access to all fitness classes of the Curves Fitness membership, plus customizable meal plans and weekly one-on-one support from a Curves Complete Coach. Each Curves Complete Coach has completed a certification program developed in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic.

  • World’s largest chain of fitness centers for women, with thousands of locations across North America
  • Workouts are short and manageable
  • Female-only gym for a comfortable, supportive atmosphere
  • Employs trained professionals for instruction and motivation
  • Celebrity diet and fitness spokesperson Jillian Michaels creates new workouts
  • Nutrition and diet plans offer low-calorie and low-carb options
  • Includes online diet and fitness resources
  • Additional in-person and online resources are available
  • Nutrition and diet plans cut certain foods, specifically high-carb grains
  • Website does not detail nutrition and diet plan before membership
  • Franchised facilities might not provide the same quality of experience at each one
  • Males are not allowed to join Curves

Curves provides online diet and nutrition plans with the gym membership. A self-assessment determines which of the two diet plans a woman follows. One plan calls for a low-calorie diet, and the other plan calls for a high-protein, low-carb diet. Both plans call for six small meals throughout the day.

The low-calorie diet simply requires women to cut their daily intake to 1,400 calories per day in the first phase. After the first two weeks, intake is increase to up to 1,600 calories. The low-calorie diet plan could be considered too little for more active women wanting to increase muscle mass and metabolism. For women wanting to lose weight, the low-calorie diet plan would be effective, but the sustainability of a low-calorie diet is questionable.

The high-protein, low-carb diet plan limits carbohydrate intake to less than 20 grams per day during the first two week. After that, intake is increased to 40 grams per day. The plan encourages women to avoid pasta, rice, bread and potatoes, among other high-carb foods, which could be ineffective for more active woman, especially runners.

A typical day on the Curves’ high-protein, low-carb plan looks like:

  • Breakfast: Blueberries on low-carb cereal
  • Snack: Protein shake
  • Lunch: Salad made with dark greens, cooked chicken, avocado and vinaigrette dressing
  • Snack: Celery stalks with peanut butter
  • Dinner: Grilled lean steak, green beans, mushrooms and peppers
  • Snack: Whole almonds

In addition, the Curves six-meal diet plans might be ineffective for the women the fitness network wants to target: busy working women with hectic schedules. Women balancing work and family might not be able to eat six times a day or even have time to prepare six meals a day.


Curves built its fitness network on the Curves Circuit, a five-part program completed in 30 minutes. Women warm up, complete aerobic exercises and strength training, and then cool down and complete stretching exercises. At Curves gyms, women can jump in to a circuit at any point and go until they’ve completed the full workout.

Women alternate between strength training machines and cardiovascular exercises. Machines focus on strengthening major muscle groups. Between each machine, women recover by walking, jogging or running in place to maintain heart rate throughout the circuit.

In order to complete the Curves circuit, women must be at a Curves gym. The machine-only approach might be effective for women just learning to exercise but also might not be strenuous enough for women who are more knowledgeable about weight training and for women who need different types of lifts offered by free weight and body weight exercises.

The January 2014 launch of Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels adds Michaels’ cutting-edge style to the traditional Curves circuit workout. New exercises, tools and programs will be added monthly and throughout 2014 as the integration between the two famed weight loss coaches continues.

Participating Curves feature CurvesSmart, a digital coaching system that helps keep members motivated by providing instant feedback, suggestions and progress reports detailing stats like muscles worked and calories burned.

In 2015, Curves introduced 3 new classes: The Introductory class, which is appropriate for all levels, and works to gradually build strength, conditioning and endurance in the whole body, and The Level One class, which is offers a more advanced total body workout, and the Level Two class, which offers a high-intensity interval workout to burn major calories.

Curves also introduced their Specialty Circuit Classes, designed to meet the needs of women in their 40’s, 50’s, and beyond, focusing on balance, flexibility, and strength.

These classes include:

BODY BALANCE- a low-intensity, Coach-led class alternating time on the Curves Circuit strength machines with intervals emphasizing core strength and stability. ARMS-CORE-LEGS- targeted bodyweight moves designed to tone and strengthen the arms, core and legs. STRETCH & STRENGTH- stretch and strengthen the same muscle groups back to back


Women looking for an easy way to fit a fast workout into their busy schedules can find a 30-minute option at the nearest Curves gym. The comfort of a female-only setting adds to the knowledge of the trained fitness professionals on staff – all of whom were trained to team the Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels. The addition of online nutrition and diet plans, Curves Complete and CurvesSmart ID make the Curves fitness network a total weight loss solution for busy women. However, for women looking for more adaptable total weight loss plans, specifically in diet and in types of exercises, Curves and its products and services might not be a viable solution.

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