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Create Your Own Yoga Class with the Asanamix Yoga iPhone App

Yoga iPhone AppDo you ever wish you could choose the stretches and positions that you do in yoga class? Or wanted to continue your yoga practice at home, but didn’t know where to start? Now there’s a great way to get the yoga class you want without being a yoga pro yourself with the Asanamix Yoga iPhone app.

The creators of Asanamix Yoga describe it as a “modular yoga kit” that allows you to create a guided practice that’s exactly the way you want it. This is an app that’s great for someone who is familiar with the basics of yoga, but still wants guidance for sequences. The iPhone app comes with two hours of audio modules narrated by yoga instructor Ariel Albani. You can combine these tracks with music from your iTunes library and arrange them as you like.


Weight Loss Hypnosis…the iPhone App?

Weight Loss HypnosisHypnosis can be an effective treatment for a variety of conditions related to mental health. Those who are seeking to lose weight can use suggestion therapy hypnosis to change unhealthy habits or curb cravings. According to WebMD, hypnosis is usually performed by a licensed or certified mental health professional who is specially trained in the technique. However, self-hypnosis is sometimes promoted at a means of stress-relief.

Now, there’s an iPhone app that claims it can hypnotize you for weight loss benefits. Believe In Weight Loss with Hypnosis uses Benjamin P Bonetti’s hypnosis techniques to change your associations with food. Bonetti is a motivational speaker who has a large collection of self-help publications and recordings.


Strengthen Your Core and Stomach with the Core Fitness App

Core FitnessThere are many benefits to having strong core muscles. Not only are these muscles important for balance and stability, but they also support the movements of the leg and arms while preventing injury.

Core Fitness is a new iPhone app that can help you strengthen this area. It uses a 40-minutes workout comprised of yoga stretches and resistance training exercised that work your upper legs, hips, buttocks, back, abs and shoulders. The creators of the app promise that you can see results by doing this workout just three or four times per week.


Take Your Workouts Anywhere with the Slow Burn iPhone App

The Fitness Revolution from Fred HahnIt’s hard to make excuses not to workout when you’ve got a trainer loaded into your iPhone at all times. Slow Burn: The Fitness Revolution is an app from fitness expert Fred Hahn, available for iPhone and iPad. You may be familiar with Slow Burn from Hahn’s book, Slow Burn Fitness Revolution. The app from Vook combines the weight-loss and exercise plan outlined in the book with workout videos starring Hahn. There are 18 videos total, including 11 exercises, tips on preparing for your workout and more.

The Slow Burn method encourages exercising to the point of complete muscle exhaustion, which Hahn promotes as the best method to build muscle quickly. These strength-training workouts can be completed in just 30 minutes, and can be done as little as twice per week. Plus, these exercises are low impact, which means they won’t place stressful force on any part of your body.


Runtastic Offers Even More Features with “Pro” Version

Runtastic screen shotMonitoring your workouts is a great way to stay on track and motivate yourself to push your limits. Runtasic Pro is an easy way to keep track of your runs and workouts using your smart phone. Available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phone, this app uses GPS to track your distance and route. It also reports your total calories burned, speed, elevation, elapsed time and shows your current location.

Runtastic Pro also offers a number of integrations with other devices and applications. You can use Runtastic Pro while listening to iTunes, monitor your heart rate using a dongle, and even manage your weight using the Withings WiFi scale. If sharing your progress with friends and family helps you stay honest, you can also post your workouts to Facebook, Twitter or the Runtastic website. You can even challenge your friends to races or other competitions. If you workout inside as well as out, you can manually input activities done inside, like running on a treadmill or doing yoga.


Use Your iPhone to Monitor Your Blood Pressure

iphone blood pressure monitors Two recently released products can help you keep your blood pressure in check using your iPhone. One is the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System and the other is Withings iPhone Blood Pressure Cuff.

The iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System features a cuff and a dock for your iPhone or iPad. The device not only allows you to measure your blood pressure, but also to track changes in blood pressure and send or share results using the companion app. The dock will also charge you device.


Get RunKeeper Pro App for Free in January

Screen Shot of RunKeeper Pro

SECOND UPDATE [3/22/11]: RunKeeper will be free from now on. Makers argue that giving users access to the platform, which now connects to a range of fitness devices, is more important than selling apps. Makers of RunKeeper also announced that they will launch a public application programming interface later this year.

UPDATE [1/12/11]: You can now monitor your heart rate with RunKeeper using either the Wahoo heart rate monitor for the iPhone or the Polar WearLink for Android.

Original Story:

Jason Jacobs, the FitnessKeeper CEO, announced last week that RunKeeper Pro, which usually sells for $9.99, will be free for the month of January. There are versions of the app for both iPhone and Android devices, which enables users to track their runs and workouts.

RunKeeper Pro was the second highest grossing health and fitness app in 2010 in the iTunes app store. FitnessKeeper has a partnership with Foursquare, so that users can earn badges for reaching fitness goals.

Although the popular fitness app has been profitable, the company says that revenue isn’t their only goal. “Monetization is important to us, but most important is making an incredible system for our users…and getting as big an engaged community as possible using the RunKeeper platform,” Jacobs said.


Diet Butler iPhone App Review

Diet iPhone AppThere are a lot of apps out there that are designed to help you lose weight by taking the guess work out of counting calories and proposing healthy meal plans. Diet Butler for the iPhone is no different, but also comes with alerts to help you remember your healthy plans.

However, there are some draw backs to this app. First off, there’s very little information on how to actually use the app: no instructions, no tutorial. It took quite a bit of clicking around to figure out how everything works. When I first opened the Diet Butler, I was prompted to fill out my stats…using metric measurements. I can see this being an annoyance to users in the US who don’t happen to be able to do unit conversions in their heads. Once you have entered your information, the calculator then decides how many calories per day you should consume.

Next, I filled out my meal plan. There are a number of pre-set choices that include a recipe and the number of calories. You can also edit you meal plan to include as many snacks as you like. You can also manually enter any “recipes” that do not appear in the list. Users also have the option of selecting a entire day’s worth of meals. Next you set the time you wish to eat each meal, which set an alarm to remind you.


Calorie Count App Makes Food Journaling Easy on Your iPhone

Calorie Count iPhone app from CalorieCount Screen ShotOne of the biggest challenges of keeping a food journal is trying to figure out how many calories are in many of the foods we eat everyday. We know fruits and veggies are good for us, but how many calories are really in a serving? The new Calorie Count iPhone app, created by CalorieCount.com, makes food journaling super easy. It even gives each food a grade, so you can feel good about eating that “A” salad.

Once you download the free app, set up an account that has your vital stats, such as age and weight. Then search for the food you eat and them select how much, and Calorie Count figures out how many calories you ate for you. Then just save that amount to your daily log. Searching for foods at first can be a little tedious, but after you find something once, you can save it to your “favorite foods” for quick future use.


Love Peanuts? We Have an iPhone App for You

National Peatnut Board App for iPhoneThe National Peanut Board has launched a free iPhone app, called Peanuts: Energy for the Good Life. It features recipes, facts and even a little tool to help you curb snack cravings. While peanuts are high in calories, they contain more protein than any other nut, and contain many other nutrients. According the to the board, 90 percent of Americans have a jar of peanut butter in their homes.

Naturally, the app discusses the health benefits of peanuts and has over 30 dietitian recommended recipes featuring the legume. I’m particularly excited to try the masala slaw, with ginger, cilantro, cabbage and, of course, peanuts. Some of the desserts look pretty high-calorie, although delicious–maybe not so diet friendly. But the app isn’t just about discovering new ways to eat peanuts. It also has a meditation feature, guided by the relaxing voice of Stephan Bodian. Bodian practiced as a Zen Buddhist monk for ten years and is the author of Meditation for Dummies. Finally, the app has a note tool that you can set to remind you take a break or even have a healthy snack.

Get Peanuts: Energy for the Good Life now.

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