Crave Control: Three Tips to Beat Snacking

Healthier Snack AlternativesSnack foods are a major diet downfall. You may get cravings late at night, after work or in the early afternoon, but no matter the time of day, the caloric consequences can be high. Here are three tips to talk yourself out of a craving.

Take Ten. Make yourself wait ten minutes after that craving hits. Think about how you’re feeling. Are you grumpy? Tired? Anxious? Sad? Try to find something that will alleviate these feelings without food. Instead of a snack break, try taking a short walk, meditating, or stretching. Or consider having a chat with someone who cheers you up.

Notice your internal dialogue. Don’t beat yourself up for little things, and try to turn your thoughts towards the positive. If you ate a candy bar that’s giving you regrets, promise yourself you won’t eat another unhealthy snack. A small amount of junk food won’t ruin your diet, but feeling hopeless will.

Have a small indulgence. Trying to cut out your favorite food completely can lead to a binge down the road. Instead, allow yourself a reasonable portion. If you crave chocolate, then have two small squares. If you want something savory, find a lower calorie alternative to potato chips, like blue corn tortilla chips or Popchips.

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