Runtastic Offers Even More Features with “Pro” Version

Runtastic screen shotMonitoring your workouts is a great way to stay on track and motivate yourself to push your limits. Runtasic Pro is an easy way to keep track of your runs and workouts using your smart phone. Available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phone, this app uses GPS to track your distance and route. It also reports your total calories burned, speed, elevation, elapsed time and shows your current location.

Runtastic Pro also offers a number of integrations with other devices and applications. You can use Runtastic Pro while listening to iTunes, monitor your heart rate using a dongle, and even manage your weight using the Withings WiFi scale. If sharing your progress with friends and family helps you stay honest, you can also post your workouts to Facebook, Twitter or the Runtastic website. You can even challenge your friends to races or other competitions. If you workout inside as well as out, you can manually input activities done inside, like running on a treadmill or doing yoga.

Runtastic currently has an iTunes App Store user rating of four stars, and has made many “Top Ten” lists for the best fitness apps available. One of the only complaints users have for this app is that it can be a big drain in your phone’s battery.

Get the Runtastic Pro iPhone app here!

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