Migdalia Sebren: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

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migdaila biggest loserAge 28

Hometown Sanford, NC

Occupation Homemaker

Team Color Green

Teammate Miggy Cancel, mother

Starting Weight 265

Finale Weight 213

Total Loss -52

Family Married, 2 Children

Mini Bio

Migdalia is her mother’s daughter, with a quick temper and always speaking her mind. Although this leads to arguments, the mother and daughter are best friends who have overcome a lot together. She and her family grew up in poor conditions and didn’t always have food or electricity. One of the toughest obstacles in her life was moving from Puerto Rico to the U.S. and adjusting to the English/Spanish language barrier. Migdalia has not always been overweight, but the stress of being a military wife whose husband recently came back from an Iraq deployment (and facing another) Migdalia has overindulged in non-healthy food choices, leading to rapid weight gain. She also recently had a second child.

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Other Spellings Migdaila, Magdalia, Migdala, Miggy, Sabren, Sebrenn, Sebern

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