Migdalia Sebren’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

migdalia sebrenWhile only on the ranch a brief four weeks, Migdalia Sebren gladly walked out its doors in the week four episode of Biggest Loser. After a tumultuous week three in which she and Jillian Michaels nearly came to blows over Migdalia’s refusal to open up and work the process, Migdalia was clearly ready to continue her journey on her own at home. As she and her mom and teammate, Miggy Cancel, fell below the yellow line, Migdalia urged her fellow contestants to send her home to be with her husband, who has since shipped out to Afghanistan, and her two young children.

Migdalia spoke to us about how she finally reached that emotional breakthrough on her own and how she and her children are enjoying this healthy lifestyle process together.

Listen Now and then continue reading to learn more about Migdalia’s journey on and off the ranch.

This 28-year-old homemaker entered the Biggest Loser ranch weighing 240 pounds and left 29 pounds lighter. She admits that upon the return home she regained 10 pounds, and blames it on the stress of her old environment coupled with her husband shipping out. Migdalia says she immediately put everyone else first and started taking care of others, but quickly pulled herself together and says she’s been doing great since.

Part of that “doing great” is her 60 pound total weight loss today, a number she’s proud of that she continues to work on. She is currently training for a half-marathon that she will take on this spring. Migdalia says that she now actually enjoys working out and that she even has fun with it. How does she do it? It’s important for her to find activities she likes and do those.

As her husband is currently overseas, she’s living the life of a single parent while juggling her weight loss journey. She seems to have found a healthy balance for herself and her two children. For instance, they now grow their own vegetables at home and her daughter helps her cook. They also go to the park and ride bikes together.

Migdalia’s days are jam-packed with both workouts and tending to family business. Rising in the pre-dawn hour of 4:00 a.m., Migdalia gets in a 3 to 5 mile jog or run before shuffling the kids to preschool and school, and then goes back to the gym for cycling. After that it’s a brief one-hour break before taking on some more cardio and then the kids are home for the day. Before bed, she gets in anothe 3 to 5 miles on the treadmill.

It might seem like an impossible undertaking for a busy mom of two young children, but Migdalia seems to have made it work for her effortlessly and is continuing to reach her weight loss goals at home.

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