Maria Ventrella: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 3 – Listen to the interview

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maria biggest loserAge 51

Hometown Chicago, IL

Occupation Corporate Travel Agent

Team Color White

Teammate Michael Ventrella, son

Starting Weight 281

Finale Weight 167

Total Loss -114

Family Married, 3 Adult Children

Videos and Interviews

Mini Bio

Maria has taken on the responsibilities of caregiver for her disabled husband and chronically ill mother, leaving her with absolutely no time for herself. Maria’s weight has been a continuous issue as the adult years of her life have progressed. This is especially true after the passing of her father who was the core of the family’s foundation. Maria has reached a point in her life where her weight is now hindering her abilities to not only help and care for others, but also for herself. Maria wants to set an example for her family and friends by helping them realize the importance of good health not only for self, but also to better care for loved ones.

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Other Spellings Marria, Mario, Ventrela, Vetrella

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