Interview with Maria Ventrella and Michael Ventrella: Biggest Loser 9

michael and maria biggest loser“I feel awesome!” was the initial comment from Michael Ventrella, one of the newest contestants competing on Biggest Loser season nine, during our week one interview. Not what you’d expect from a contestant who weighs in at 526 pounds, making him the heaviest contestant ever on The Biggest Loser. It’s a number he says he was surprised to see, and it comes with a host of health problems he’s ready to get rid of.

Michael is joined on the ranch by his mother, Maria Ventrella. She too was shocked and saddened to learn of Michael’s actual weight.

Together they are both learning to make big changes, like waking up earlier in the day, eating breakfast and even putting themselves first.

Listen now as we speak with Michael and Maria during their first week at the Biggest Loser ranch.

Please note that due to limited phones at the Biggest Loser ranch, audio may come across broken.

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