Ahnu Shasta: Quest for the Perfect Running Shoe

Quest for the perfect running shoeAhnu is a company that’s committed to more than making great products, they’re also dedicated to positioning themselves to serving a greater good. Not only does the company support organizations like The Conservation Alliance and the Breast Cancer Fund, they also adhere to rigorous ethical manufacturing standards. These shoes are sweat-shop free, but how will I feel sweating it out on the street?

The Shasta by Ahnu is designed for cross-terrain running, meaning both road running and trail running, which sounds perfect for braving the wilds of the Willimasburg waterfront. The box tells me that the shoe’s “Neutral Positioning System” promises to keep the the foot “balanced in the center of the shoe to encourage biomechanics efficiency on varied terrain.”

For this review, I can’t follow my typical three-run template, because the Ahnu Shastas took a little longer to break in than the other shoes I reviewed.  However, the pay-off was well worth the extra work. The Shastas have fairly stiff soles, which translated into serious arch support. The upper part of the shoe breathes nicely, keeping my feet from feeling sweaty.


It wasn’t until my third run that I really felt totally comfortable in the Shastas, but I’ve been running in them for about a month and I’m still enthusiastic about them. They feel solid without being clunky, and at no point did I find my self with aching arches after running. Of the running shoes I’ve tried so far, these are my favorite.

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