Best Places to Run in New York City

central park runnerI currently personal train in Los Angeles and it seems like more than half of my clients vacation to New York on a regular basis. So, New York City is the next stop on our Best Places to Run series. Wow! There are some beautiful places to run and soak up the scenery in the Big Apple. Again, safety is at the top of the list so I recommend running during the day and with a partner. Have fun!

First, the infamous Central Park, which happens to be the first public park built in America (mid-1800s). The park consists of a six mile run/walk loop, 21 playgrounds, 36 bridges and arches, and more than 9,000 park benches (which you hopefully won’t need!). More than 25 million people visit Central Park every year. The parks hours are from six in the morning until one in the morning. Plenty of time to get in a solid run.

Second, Roosevelt Island has a three and a half mile run/walk loop. The island is located in the East River between Manhattan and Queens. Although you do have to take the tram to get there, it is well worth it to experience the breath taking views and amazing breezes.

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