Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – Episode 8.11

This week was this final week on the ranch for the Biggest Loser Season 8 contestants. They all made it the entire way and that is an amazing accomplishment.

This episode really showed us the transformations from the season. In fact, I forgot what each of the contestants looked like before the weight started to come off. They all are going home healthier and truly changed people. But, of course, all the reminiscing takes second place to what matters most right now.

Making it to the final four.


This week is a hell week for contestants as they try to get every last pound off. In this week’s challenge, the pounds were dropping off faster than ever. And just to show each of the remaining Biggest Loser Season 8 contestants just how far they have come, the contestants literally carried their weight one last time for their final challenge. They had to run suicides holding their weight, and at each stop, drop off the right amount, then put the weight back on and take it off to symbolize their weight loss journey. Allen won the competition easily demonstrating once again, what a powerhouse he really is. The contestants also had a pop quiz to show some financial savvy with Suze Orman, and get tips on how to eat healthier in the economy.

biggest loser episode 811

This was the most important weigh-in to date. If Amanda fell below the yellow line she was gone – plain and simple. But with her big weight loss for the week – seven pounds – she stayed. Liz and Allen were the unfortunate two who fell below the yellow line with their respected weekly weight loss of five and eight pounds. In the end, Amanda, with her deciding vote, chose to keep Liz in the house.

So even though Allen was eliminated, past experience has shown us that no contestant ever really loses. The final four for The Biggest Loser Season 8 are Rudy, Danny, Amanda and Liz.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens in the coming weeks. I will see you all then!
-Mike Morelli

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