How Biggest Loser Shay Sorrells Stays Healthy for the Holidays

I understand that this is one of the hardest times for people to stay on track. One of the reasons is the way we think about holidays. Why oh why do we believe that as we alter or modify a tradition it will ruin everything? I promise, traditions started somewhere and making new ones is not against the law!

Last year when Thanksgiving rolled around I had just three weeks until  the Biggest Loser season 8 finale. Needless to say, there was no way I was cooking a Thanksgiving dinner and missing time in the gym or having oodles of leftovers haunting me.  So, we made a new tradition and we went to a restaurant! I ordered the kid-sized Thanksgiving plate, that had turkey breast, green beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing and a little slice of apple pie. I did ask them to hold the gravy and the roll (I picked my carb battle and had the potatoes and stuffing instead of the roll). It was the perfect portion and I was completely satisfied!

Now, this holiday I am working because the youth I work with don’t have families, so I will be taking my family to have dinner with them. I am taking a few dishes that I KNOW I am able to eat! You can do this at your family dinners too.  Prepare a few side dishes that you know will not sabotage all of your hard work. You can enjoy the chef’s turkey (go for the white meat of course) and control your portions.

One way to control portions is to split your plate into three sections: Half of your entire plate should be veggies, one-quarter meat and one-quarter carbs.  Some ideas for better-for-you side dishes include un-candy yams, green bean and a little casserole, cauliflower mashed potatoes and more! Venture out and try something new!

I have a few recipes, but I am a mad scientist in the kitchen and DO NOT usually follow recipes. Through trial and error here a few that my family and I have come to love! (As you may use varying ingredients please calculate your own nutritional values.)

Shay’s EASY Recipes:

Creamy (but not creamed) Spinach

Brown Rice Stuffing

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