Fit Bottomed Girls Launches Weight Loss Challenge in Kansas City

Most of us who regularly follow friends or fitness experts on social media and read health blogs, like this one, recognize the value of online relationships and community.

For many, going online and reading weight-loss tips each day helps them to stay motivated, committed and, in some cases, accountable (especially if you’re blogging about your own health journey!). However, one fitness website that’s obviously near and dear to my heart (I’m its editor!) is going beyond the virtual world and into the “real world.”

A few weeks ago, the Fit Bottomed Girls website and blog kicked off its first weight-loss challenge. Launched live in Kansas City, Mo., in conjunction with the nutrition club Energy Zone 151, the challenge consists of weekly two-hour classes for eight weeks. With a goal of being interactive and supportive, the classes cover topics that teach participants everything they need to know about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From learning how to cook healthy, yet tasty foods to working out at local health clubs to conquering emotional eating, the classes are both fun and thought-provoking.

Due to popular demand, the fitness website also launched virtual weight-loss challenges that are led by Fit Bottomed Girls readers. The leaders are responsible for getting a group together, holding weekly meetings and facilitating discussion via a webinar done by the Fit Bottomed Girls. Currently two virtual challenges are in progress — one in Tampa and one in Horicon, Wisconsin.

While the live and virtual challenges are supportive in nature, there is some extra incentive to the contestant who loses the largest percentage of inches. Although the giveaway will vary according to location, each prize will be worth $1,000 or more of health and fitness goodies, such as gym memberships, apparel, workout DVDs and more.

The website hopes that this will be the first of many Fit Bottomed Girls Weight-Loss Challenges and plans to start another Kansas City live challenge and virtual challenges in January 2011. To follow the current contestants or learn more about the challenges, go to the Fit Bottomed Girl’s Weight-Loss Challenge page.

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