Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 7 Recap

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Week 7 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

Let me just start off by saying, “Good for Bob!” He pulled his team aside, mainly Vicky and Brady, and asked if there was game play involved in Brady’s 2 lbs. weight loss last week. They concluded that his weight loss was attributed to Brady not eating as often as he should, not sure I’m sold on that conclusion, but oh well.

Contestants then played a game modeled after an amazing book called “Eat This, Not That,” which shares with people the calories behind some of the food choices we make. It was very insightful, and I personally enjoy the book, so I’m glad to see it mentioned on the show.

Now for the DRAMA! Heba and the rest of the Blue team thought it was time to confront Phil on the Black Team about his talk with Brady on the basketball court. I think it was a good thing to have the discussion, but I disagree with how the Blue team went about it. I think the conversation should have been had strictly between Heba and Phil, but that wasn’t the case and in the end I don’t feel anything was really resolved.

The Challenge was a good one this week. Contestants were placed on a pulley system 50 ft. up in the air and forced to support their weight. The Black team had to add an additional 40 lbs. to their overall weight because they lost the “Eat This, Not That” Challenge. In the end, the Blue team won out and as a result were allowed to choose one team member of on the Black team whose weight would not count at the weigh-in.

At Weigh-in the Blue team decided to have Michelle‘s weight not count, which in the end didn’t make much of a difference because she only lost 2 lbs. The rest of the Black team had lower numbers this week, which is sort of to be expected given their big numbers last week. The shocker came when Brady on the Blue team pulled a 13 lbs. weight loss, which is huge, he took out the Black team all by himself!

The Black team went to elimination and after a hard decision decided to sent Phil home. Phil went home honorably and wished his fellow Black Team members the best of luck. Phil’s homecoming was one of the best yet, he renewed his vows to Amy, at the very place he proposed. Phil is looking terrific, and seems to be doing awesome at home!

Well the game is proving to get better and better each week. Be sure to tune in Nov. 11 (Biggest Loser is not airing next week due to the election) as it appears there is going to be a game changing twist!

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  1. webgoddess says:

    I think that had the Black team won the “this not that” challenge, they probably would have won the suspension challenge and probably would have voiding Brady’s weight loss, sending blue to elimination, and picking off one of my least favorite players – Heba or Vicky – as Amy C would have been safe due to her substantial weight loss and nobody on blue would vote off Brady. It also would have negated the gameplay of Brady cheating last week to knock off Amy P, evening the playing field.

    But anyway, Blue team won the challenge so things didn’t go down that way.

    I like how Amy C stays away from the drama and politics provided by her team. I find her to be my favorite of the remaining players and the one who I want to win the $250k. She didn’t flinch when moving from Jillian to Bob, instead keeping her head high about how lucky she is to have the opportunity at the ranch. I really like her attitude. Somehow she manages to keep Vicky from manipulating her without getting on her hit list, so that is a feat in and of itself.

    I really dislike Heba and Vicky. Vicky comes off as a sociopath and a manipulative liar, and while I sort of like Brady, it brings my opinion of him down a lot that he married Vicky and allows her to manipulate him into doing the unethical, such as cheating on the weigh-in. I used to really like Heba but ever since her hubby went home, she’s become really vindictive and childish. She split up Phil and Amy P out of spite, and also orchestrated the conspiracy to get rid of Amy P. I think that with Heba’s hubby gone, Vicky’s Machiavellian attitude is rubbing off on Heba. If only Heba knew how bad she looks now with Vicky manipulating her. The whole approaching Phil at dinner thing was in very bad taste. Phil doesn’t seem to have hard feelings against Heba other than the fact that Vicky’s convinced Heba that Phil really hates her, which put Phil completely on the defensive. I’m really happy how maturely Phil handled the situation given the conspiracy to vote off his wife, and I think Phil is the better person (Heba claiming she’s being the better person made her look really foolish)

    I really like Phil and Amy P, they are so awesome. I loved the anniversary homecoming and I think they both look incredible in the “after” video. I really hope one of them wins the $100k at-home challenge. But even if not, they are such good people and I wish them the best. They were there for the right reasons, my only sadness with them is that they weren’t able to both celebrate the anniversary together on the ranch.

    Anyway, thanks Bernie for making these good recap videos. I really enjoy them. Have a great week 🙂

  2. AreYouSerious says:

    I really don’t have any beef with any of the contestants on this show. I have watched this show from the first season, and I absolutely love it! I don’t understand why everyone is so down on Vicky, Heba, and Brady. Unless you are a psychologist, who are you to refer to someone as a sociopath???????????? You should really think about the comments that you make before you post them. These are REAL people with REAL feelings. You have no idea who they really are; you merely get a glimpse of what the producers want you to see. I just can’t get over how many people can be so hateful to someone they don’t even know. You call Vicky a compulsive liar, but what has she lied about? Can you prove it? No! So get a life, and quit being a hater!!

  3. webgoddess says:

    I know a sociopath when I see one. People like Vicky only care about “winning” and “getting ahead” using Machiavellian tactics. People like that typically do not have a conscience or purposefully ignore it, and often lack the depth of emotion that other people have.

    The show “Dexter” does a good job of portraying the psychological aspects of sociopathy; there really are people just like Dexter who cannot connect to others. Just the drive in life of most people like that — such as Vicky — is winning at all costs instead of being a homicidal vigilante.

    What sealed it for me was Vicky claiming that videos from home didn’t matter to her and also flat out lying to Bob when he implied that Brady threw the weigh-in.

    Also Heba seemed alright before her hubby went home. But after her hubby went home she formed a strong bond with Vicky and started acting the same way Vicky’s acting, which leads me to believe that Vicky’s bad influence is rubbing off on Heba.

  4. Avid Watcher says:

    AreYouSerious: I too love this show, and have followed ever episode…everyone’s entitled to their opinion, including the audience…and although you several times told us to give Vicky a chance and not to judge her, you’ve yet to mention ONE SINGLE redeeming quality or unselfish thing that Vicky has done since this season started. And then you’ve managed to lash out at those whose opinions differ from your own. I respect your opinion, but wholeheartedly disagree. And, I think you should take a spoonful of your own advice about thinking before you post. It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another to voice it in an intelligent and fact-supported way.

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