Tune In: Bob Harper on Dr. Oz

bob harperTune in, this Friday, September 18 to watch Bob Harper on The Dr. Oz Show, as together they launch the Highway to Health bus, a first all-American national challenge to add 10 years to your life in 60 days.

With the assistance of Dr. Oz, 35 people from Oz, Kansas will commit to making small changes in their lives to improve their longevity and overall wellness. This Friday’s episode is the launch of the Highway to Health bus – one of the show’s main events for the entire season.

Bob Harper will be on hand to lend his expert guidance and motivation to these 35 Americans who have willingly opened up their lives (and kitchens) to Dr. Oz as he helps them create a radical shift in how they eat, think, feel and exercise.

Check with your local listings to find out when The Dr. Oz Show airs.

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