The Dr. Oz Show Premieres September 14

dr. oz showCall it the Oprah Effect. Dr. Oz is joining the ranks of Dr. Phil, whose popularity as a guest on the Oprah Show landed him his own show.

After five years as America’s doctor on Oprah, America’s favorite (and cutest) medical practitioner is going to launch The Dr. Oz Show on September 14, where the subject is all about YOU: and your health.

From how to breathe correctly in yoga to noshing on the best foods for your brain to learning what kinds of mildew and bacteria live in your kitchen sponge, Dr. Oz is poised to bring you the latest health information with his trademark charisma, charm and honesty. None of your health questions are too personal for Dr. Oz and he goes to great lengths to make sure that you feel safe in asking them and are informed after his response.dr. oz yoga

The style of The Dr. Oz Show will be just like him: Full of energy and surprises. Be prepared to learn yoga from experts in the audience, or have your door knocked on as Dr. Oz reaches out to households all across the country to help them improve their lives. The show will also feature an “Ask Dr. Oz” section in which he’ll field questions about everything from money and breast cancer to sexual health and relationships.

Check your local listings to find out which network will carry The Dr. Oz Show in your city. You can also watch complete episodes on The Dr. Oz Show website.

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