Money Hungry’s Puzzle Piece Relay Race in Episode 6 Recap

Welcome back to Money Hungry, the only show on television that combines strategy and famished overweight people! This week in the house we start to see the fallout from The Regulators choosing not to give out the immunity last week. A couple of the other “Family” teams, namely Slenderellas and Flabulous, both feel that they deserved (or dare I say needed) the immunity last week and felt spurned by not getting it. Phillip approaches the Orphanage about a deal to possibly vote with them, and we all know if it works out they’ll be pulling for yours truly!

The challenge this week is a relay-style race on the football field to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces (each weighing about 30 pounds). The first piece was only 10 yards away, so it wasn’t that bad at the start of the challenge. However, by the last piece (80 yards each way) we were all dying. In the end it really proved that the puzzle ability was the determining factor in this challenge. Despite coming in first by nearly a whole minute on the race portion, Mission Slimpossible fell behind when it came to putting the pieces together. In the end it was Slenderellas who pulled out their first immunity victory, with No Excuses finishing only 12 seconds behind, talk about a close race. Regulators lose the challenge, dooming them to the chopping block.

Back at the house we see what happens when a spurned alliance member gets a lot of power. Jackie and Phillip end up switching sides and voting differently than planned. At the end of the day we find out there is a three way tie. The Regulators dropped a HUGE number (26 pounds) and so it comes down to Grading Curves versus No Excuses. Who won? Watch the video blog above to find out!

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