Money Hungry Finds Temptation in Snookie’s Cookies

I remember it like it was yesterday. After the pool challenge I said to my partner, “I wonder when we are going to have an eating/strategy challenge.” Next thing you know, it is upon us! I’m jumping right to the challenge this week because a lot of the stuff from before in the episode (i.e. all of the family alliance teams being lazy) was just utter crap. Aside from one or two individuals, the family alliance was in the gym hardcore this, and every week. In fact, I ran a boxing circuit class for the family alliance in the time period of this episode of Money Hungry!

The challenge saw all of us competitors head to Snookie’s Cookies, where we faced our food challenge. The concept was basic, the more you eat the less weight your teammate has to hold. Going into the challenge Melissa and I had decided to make it a ‘zero calorie challenge’ for us, meaning that we’d rather lose than eat something that wasn’t good for our bodies. The challenge saw valiant efforts by Katilyn of Slenderellas, me (Josh of No Excuses) and Joe V from Slimpossible. In the end, though, it was Dave from the Regulators who won the challenge by holding an empty tray long enough to outlast everyone else.

After the challenge the gameplay began, with multiple teams vying for the immunity from Dave and Po. I will say that the only family team to NOT ask for the immunity was Double Chocolate, and for that I applaud them. This was a tricky week in the house as almost everyone had not been eating enough and we were all beginning to suffer the effects of undereating.
At the elimination we saw some very good percentages (Grading Curves, No Excuses, Slimpossible) and some not so good ones (Flabulous, Regulators, Slenderellas), but at the end of the day it was ONE-HUNDRETH of a percent that made all the difference. Chicago Deep Dish was sent home after losing two pounds. I have to say that this goes down in reality television history as one of the biggest travesties I have witnessed. Even though they were not in my alliance, it was sad to see them go.

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