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Snack time around my house isn’t very typical. Little Debbie isn’t welcome and neither is her recently recovered friend, Hostess. Nutrition is key, but we can’t just munch on dry rice cakes either. When we find a tasty snack that passes the healthy test, we get excited and want to share the good news. We have nothing but high praise for Vegan Cuts and their snack boxes.

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Vegan Cuts is web-based company that is dedicated to promoting vegan products, not just foods. They have a great way to sample many of their favorite products in the form of their snack boxes. It’s the newest entry in a growing trend of monthly subscriptions that deliver a fun box to you each month. Theirs is filled with food and products that all fit the vegan lifestyle. The subscription is $19.95 per month and has free shipping in the U.S. Each monthly box comes with about 7-10 items. In addition to being vegan, the contents are about 80% gluten-free too.

Each box is different and allows the recipient to try out new things each month. My box came with several snacks, a few drink mix-ins, and even some vegan lip balm.

My family devoured the snacks. We shared The Good Bean’s sweet cinnamon roasted chickpeas, Michy’s vegan cran rustica cookie, and the Earnest Eats dark choco mint baked whole food bar. These foods were wonderful snacks and a great addition to our snack arsenal. My son loved the Beanfields bean and rice chips and I loved saying yes to his request for chips as a snack. A chip with protein and only five ingredients is a rare find. We also shared the Snapz apple crisps and wished the bag had been bigger.

The price may be a little high when you see that it’s just a single serving of each of these snacks. However, if you’ve ever rolled the aisles of a natural grocery store, you know that these items were competitively priced, as they tend to cost more than the cheap unhealthy items that pass as snacks in most stores.

I’d subscribe to the snack box or even send it as a fun gift to a family member. The best part of the snacks is that I don’t have to worry if I’m eating junk. All the products are vegan, but they are specifically healthy and made with whole foods. That’s the crucial rule before I let a snack in to my house.

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While Vegan Cuts shared a complimentary box with us, this post is not sponsored in any way and we were under no obligation to provide a review.

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