JWOWW’s Dramatic Weight Loss Shocks in Jersey Shore’s Season 4 Premiere

JWOWW before and after weight loss

Left: September 2010. Right: July 2011.

Jersey Shore’s season four debuted last night with 8.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched MTV premiere ever. The show is getting back to its roots, shooting in Italy.

Most of the Jersey girls have publicly lost weight as the show’s success skyrocketed, but none have had quite the dramatic transformation as Jenni “JWOWW” Farley. There have been no official reports if JWOWW has lost weight recently, however she appears dramatically thinner. She did report losing 20 with the help of Abdominal Cuts Natural Supplements, which she also endorsed. She says she used the pills in combination with working out five days of the week with her boyfriend, who does weight training.

“I eat junk food, cheesecake, cheese, pizza, but just lower amounts of it,” she was quoted saying at the GNC event. Some have argued that with her 700 cc breast implants, the slimmed down look could be more of an illusion than a real change in scale weight.

However, Abdominal Cuts aren’t the first weight-loss supplement JWOWW has promoted. Last summer, she went as far as selling the controversial and non-FDA approved hCG supplement from her own website.

Image via MTV.com.

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