10 Ways to Stay Fit While at Work

Work equals sitting for most of us- sitting and not moving for many hours of the day. All that sitting can lead to lower levels of fitness and more pounds around the waistline. Many people complain they don’t have enough hours in the day to fit in their workout, but here are a few tips to squeeze in some fitness at work, the place that most of us spend the majority of our day.

1. Go halfsies on your lunch hour.
That doesn’t mean only eat half your meal, it means eat for the first 30 minutes and walk for the second 30 minutes. That little walk adds up quickly!

2. Be your own transportation.
Many of us don’t work too far from our homes that a bike ride is out of the question. If a commute can be made on bike or foot, chances are you’re required cardio for the week will be accomplished.

3. Go ahead and fidget
Who cares if toe-tapping, leg shaking, or squirming annoy your co-workers? These awkward movements will burn calories. Sitting with your back against a chair only burns 4% more calories than lying down, so move, move, move!

4. Be an inefficient worker
If the boss has an issue with this one, you didn’t hear it from us. There are lots of little tasks that can be drawn out for the sake of getting some exercise. Use the restroom upstairs instead of the one on your floor. Use the printer that is furthest away. Make a habit of emptying you trash or recycling bin twice a day. Your heart will thank you, even if your to-do list does not.

5. Run errands, or just walk them
Get to know the area around the office. Go on foot to get little tasks like picking up dry cleaning or purchasing light groceries. This gets you moving and keeps you from doing them in the car after hours. Great for you, your schedule, and the environment.

6. Pace on purpose
By getting a wireless headset, walking and pacing while on phone calls is easy and can add lots of steps to your day.

7. Be moved by the bell
Setting an hourly timer on your computer or phone will remind you to get up and move every hour. A quick pause from work to go climb the stairs for three minutes every hour will lead up to 24 minutes of walking at days end.

8. Mobile meetings
Instead of sitting around the conference table and the stack of danishes, take meetings to the streets. Small meetings can effectively be conducted while strolling sidewalks, nearby trails, or even corridors.

9. Conference room calisthenics
Most conference rooms sit empty for the majority of the day. That space is perfect for body weight exercises. Use some down time to knock out some squats, lunges, and sit-ups during the day.

10. Hang out at the water cooler. A lot.
Assuming the water cooler isn’t at an arm’s length, you’re going to have to get up and walk to it. Do that and do that often. The walk is great and so is the drink. Everyone needs water to be healthy and few are getting enough. Plus studies show that those who drink water before meals, consume fewer calories. So, get up and drink up.

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