Wello Brings Fitness to Your Living Room With Online Personal Training

When you hear the term ‘personal trainer,’ what do you immediately think? Beefy, sweaty, thick neck and yelling? Yeah, me too. And if you’re like me, you find personal trainers a little intimidating because of that. I mean, what do I possibly have in common with Sven who could probably throw me 100 yards and whose extracurricular activities likely include flexing and researching protein powders?

Well, if the thought of hiring a personal trainer is too far outside your realm of comfort but you still want to get in shape, consider Wello your new best friend.

Wello, which was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2011 by fitness fanatics Leslie Silverglide and Ann Scott Plante, is a strictly online personal training service that uses video technology to connect you with a personal trainer for one-on-one training sessions.

Wello has an extremely user-friendly site with a welcome video on the front page that guides you through the ins and outs of what the program is all about.

By clicking the ‘How it Works’ tab, you’ll be guided through the step-by-step process of getting plugged in, which includes creating a profile, finding a trainer, booking a session, connecting over live, 2-way video, and then rating, reviewing and tracking your progress online.

Besides being contract-free, Wello’s many benefits include convenience, portability and affordability. You can literally take your computer to the beach and get trained while soaking up the sun if you want. Depending on your schedule, price range and personal health goals, you can search through an ever-growing team of trainers that are based all over the country and each specialize in different areas of fitness. So whether you’re looking to channel you inner yogi, drop 30 pounds, or put on 10 pounds of muscle, you’ll be able to find the personal training you need to get you there.

Once you note your preferences according to the personal trainer’s gender, availability, price range, and area of expertise, you’ll be provided with a list of trainers that are a good fit for you. Then, it’s as simple as scheduling a session and getting started.

If you’re looking for VIP treatment, Wello even boasts celebrity trainers including Jennifer Casseta, who has been featured as a self defense specialist on TODAY; April Martucci, founder and director of Fire Dragon Yoga in New York City, which combines yoga with martial arts; And Michael George, a health coach, trainer to the stars and author of Body Express Makeover.

The option of online personal training sounds pretty appetizing to me since it costs less, saves me a trip to the gym, and affords me the option to work out in my living room, outside or even at a hotel if I’m on the road. And with prices ranging from $25 to $75, you can easily afford sessions with the trainer of your choice, even if you’re looking for the 200-pound ‘Sven’ type.

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