Lisa Lillien is No Nutritionist, Just Hungry for Good Nutrition

If you’ve ever wondered where the popular brand Hungry Girl came from, we’ve got the scoop. Lisa Lillien created and founded the company starting with the website,, in 2004. The site has a free daily email service that provides information for “hungry people everywhere.”

To start the website, Lisa took a risk and gave up her savings of $10,000. She started with only 200 followers (mostly friends and family), but is now carrying an impressive 1,000,000+ subscribers. Lisa will openly admit her obsession with food ,which is why she loves spreading the word of important eating tips that still allow you to enjoy food without being on a fad diet.

Lisa’s inspiration comes from her past weight struggles. She was finally able to shed a good 30 pounds after deciding to give up junk food and starchy foods like pasta. Once she was able to get her weigh under control, Lisa was 39 and ready to incorporate some of her old favorites back into her diet… but in a cautious manner.

“I scoured the supermarket for healthy foods that would satisfy my cravings,” she says. After beginning her healthy shopping hobby, she couldn’t help but share her discoveries with anyone and everyone. Because of this, she was given the nickname “the goddess of grub.”

Hungry Girl isn’t the only way Lisa’s reaching out to advise others. She can also be found on with her own weekly column, in Redbook magazine, and in on-going appearances on cooking shows like Rachael Ray. Lisa’s not only the author of six bestselling books, but also the author of four New York Times bestselling books. Her most recent book, Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival: Aisle by Aisle, H-G Style even debuted in the number one spot.

Beyond the media empire of web and books, but the Hungry Girl also has a TV show, which airs on both the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. It focuses on Lisa in the kitchen cooking up her latest “guilt-free recipes” as well as giving tips on things like grocery shopping.

One of the main reasons Lisa is so popular and respected is because she’s proven she goes through the same weight struggles that every other American female goes through these days. She personally tries out the latest fad diets and low-calorie foods and has zero problem giving her true opinion.

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