Best Places to Run in Wichita

wichita river walkYes, I said Wichita! I am from Wichita so I have to give it some love in our Best Places to Run series. To be quite honest with you, Wichita has some great places to run. The weather is hit or miss, but worth a trip if you have never been.

Downtown Wichita’s river walk is one of my favorites. It stretches for several miles and provides a fabulous view of the city. It is a great place to get some sun and people watch while you are jogging.

Next, Great Plains Nature Center located in East Wichita, another one of my favorites. It stretches for about two miles and it is a great place to just get away and enjoy nature at its best. It is full of wildlife as well as places to picnic with the family.

Finally, most of Wichita’s neighborhoods have sidewalks, making it easy to get out in what might as well be your back yard. No matter where you live, running in your own neighborhood is convenient and provides an opportunity to involve your family or even get to know those who live around you.

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