Jackie Warner’s Reality Made Her a Fitness Super Star

If you watch the Bravo channel, then you’ve probably heard the name Jackie Warner. She’s an American fitness trainer who became a self-made millionaire at a very young age. What inspired her to follow this particular lifestyle? That was probably her weight gain of 53 pounds during her first four months of college. She hated the way she looked and the lack of confidence she had in herself. The then 18-year-old decided to make a change the day she sat down, looked in the mirror, and cried as she came face to face with reality.

Her career took off at the young age of 22 after helping some friends make some serious life-changing results. Within her career’s first year, she established the first health club in Southern California to accept health insurance for exercise; it was named Lift.

In 2004, Warner also established Sky Sport and Spa, a gym and spa located in Beverly Hills, California. The business was showcased on Warner’s former TV show (what she’s most known for) on Bravo called “Work Out.” The show aired July 19, 2006 and ran for three seasons while cameras highlighted Warner’s daily routine of juggling her personal relationships, her employee’s personal issues, and running the business. In 2009, Warner sold the wellness center around the same time the show came to an end due to some dramatic controversies with well-known fitness model and breast cancer survivor Jamie Eason.

About a year later, Warner was at it again with Bravo when she premiered her new show, “Thintervention,” in September 2010. This reality show centered around Warner helping eight clients at a time lose weight and reach their fitness goals. Instead of sending the contestants off to a camp or weight-loss facility like reality show The Biggest Loser, they stay in their everyday lives where Warner can work with them through their normal life distractions of work and family. The shows was designed this way to increase the chances of long-term success. She sometimes even plans a surprise workout for the clients at their homes or offices when they least expect it. If this sounds like a show you’d enjoy, it still runs every Monday at 10/9c.

What’s she up to these days? Besides “Thintervention” Warner currently offers an online fitness and wellness center called “Eat. Move. Believe” at JackieWarner.com. The program offers healthy recipes and workouts, and provides tips on lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness. Her latest (third) at-home workout DVD is called “Personal Training with Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training.”

Warner was born on August 17, 1968 in Fairborn, Ohio. She played inter-colligate soccer and softball and was also a lifelong equestrian competitor. She was very upfront on her show “Work Out” about her lifestyle as a lesbian. The series showcased about four different relationships Warner had with different women. During one episode, she revealed that her father had suffered a mental illness and had committed suicide years ago.

Other major Jackie Warner accomplishments include:

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