Bravo Premiers Thintervention With Jackie Warner

Thintervention with Jackie Warner brings all of the Jackie we know and love from her Bravo show Work Out, and allows us to follow her and her overweight clients through their weight loss journey of tough workouts in amazing locations while learning to eat right, develop an exercise habit and shed the weight for good.

Jackie Warner is a tough as nails personal trainer who will never accept anything less than a client’s best effort. The contestants themselves are all quite unique, from ex-Real Housewives of Orange County Jeana looking to gain a little self respect, to brash, chain-smoking, excuse making, yet still somehow endearing Nikki, to event producer Joe, who wants to lose weight so he can “bang hot chicks.” Charming.

Thintervention may sound like a Biggest Loser knockoff, but there are quite a few differences between these weight loss shows.

No one gets kicked off. There are no eliminations and no prize money- progress is monitored through therapy and daily weigh ins. This means there is more time devoted to forming relationships and finding support in each other, instead of backstabbing, weigh-in cheating, and strategy meetings.

Participants get to live their normal lives. Jackie takes every opportunity to teach her contestants how to work out effectively on their own, in their own individual situations. Clients work out together with Jackie  and she pops up unexpectedly at their homes often, but for the most part, their lives remained unchanged. Clients must lose weight like the rest of us must lose weight: while continuing to go to work, raise their children, and face the stressors that cause them to eat head on.

The clients participate in group therapy. There is no denying that emotional and psychological issues play a huge part in weight gain and weight loss, and Thintervention recognizes the importance of working through these issues. Before each weekly weigh-in, the clients all meet together with Dr. Ramani to discuss their struggles, triggers and their past, which has led them to the body they have now.

Clients aren’t morbidly obese. Most of the clients have a weight loss goal of about 30-40 pounds, nothing like the hundred plus pound weight losses we are used to seeing on weight loss shows. While the transformations may not be as extreme by season’s end, viewers will better be able to relate their own personal journey along the way.

Thintervention with Jackie Warner airs Monday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

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