Dine like a Celebrity Fit Club member

If it’s good enough for Marsha Brady then maybe it’s good enough for you too. Susan’s Healthy Gourmet is a meal-based delivery system that prepares meals for you. All you do is eat them and lose the weight. Sounds easy, right? This meal program is what helped Maureen McCormick (aka Marsha Brady) keep her weight off after winning the Celebrity Fitness Challenge in which she lost a highly commendable 34 pounds! (She’s also been linked with Slim Shots).

Susan is back at it again for this coming season as she provides meals for VH1’s returning hit, Celebrity Fit Club. The meals that the season six cast are eating have been prepared exclusively by Susan’s.

I love the idea of having my meals prepared for me with all of the calories, and fat and protein grams calculated. LOVE IT! I have never had the fun (or wallet) of joining such a service, but it sounds like its a great and convenient way to pamper yourself while trying to get the number on the scale to drop down a few.

I do wonder how the food tastes? Is it like airplane food, but low cal? Are the portions meager or do you feel pretty satisfied after noshing? Have you ever used a meal delivery program like Susan’s Healthy Gourmet? If so, let us know what your experience was like. I’m really curious to find out.

You can learn more about Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, or check out Barb Crews’ journal while following the Biggest Loser Meal Plan.

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