Suzanne Somers Releases ‘Bombshell’ Book on Lifelong Health and Vitality

Actress and author Suzanne Somers has released a new book called ‘Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging.” Of her 23rd book, Somers says what she’s trying to do is ‘make aging aspirational.’

“I turned 65 this year and on my birthday I thought, ‘When I was a kid, 65 used to be when people either retired or died, and I’m so nowhere near those scenarios,” the star said during a recent interview on The Today Show. ‘And I started really assessing what it was that I do and thought I’d pass that on.

Somers say she’s chosen to use this part of her career to gather the brightest minds in the kind of health she’s interested in – including Western doctors and those offering breakthrough medical treatments – and share that with the world.

While some may be skeptical as to whether or not ‘Bombshell’ truly holds the promise of eradicating some cancers and making some diseases obsolete as it claims, Somers says she stands behind all of the information she’s gathered and that she’s never been more proud of a book in her life.

One of the topics she discusses in ‘Bombshell’ is prostate cancer. It’s long been thought that testosterone gives men prostate cancer, but Somer’s says that’s not true, according to her friend Dr. Abraham Morgentaler of Harvard. The doctor completed a clinical trial recently in which he gave men with active prostate cancer a dose of testosterone if their condition had been previously untreated. And what he found was that the cancer began to regress and the patients showed positive results. Somers says this treatment is available right now to anyone.

Somers herself has also taken part in some of the cutting edge medicine she discusses in the book. After losing most of her breasts to cancer nearly 11 years ago, she tracked down a doctor in Tokyo who had successfully regrown the breasts of 400 women. Somers then organized an Institutional Review Board that qualified her to arrange a stateside clinical trial in which she participated. Somers said that in August after three years of waiting, the doctors used stem cells combined with a deposit of fat from her stomach to successfully regrow her breasts.

It’s these types of medical breakthroughs that Somers is passionate about sharing with others so they too can achieve lifelong health and vitality. The author says her own health hasn’t come easy and that she works hard for it every day.  In her book, she writes about the mindset she’s developed in order to get there.

“All my life, my success has come from visualizing an achievement, whatever it might be—really seeing it before me—and then doing the work to get there,” she says. “I have visualized my end point already: I am going to live a very long time, I will be in great health, I will be thinking clearly, I will be happy, I will have abundant love in my life, and I will be sexual. I will have energy. I will have strong bones and a good working brain, and I will be a productive member of society. I will be wise, I will have great perspective, and I will be sought after as the matriarch for ad- vice. I will be satisfied with who I am.

“No wonder aging is a thrilling experience for me,” says Somers. “It has taken on the vibe of a great adventure.” If only we could all age so gracefully and enthusiastically. Somers’ inspirational new book is now available both online and in major bookstores everywhere.

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