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A great resource for those diagnosed with or trying to prevent cancer.

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Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer is a book written by Suzanne Somers. This book showcases some interviews with doctors who are curing cancers and also talks about ways you can prevent yourself from getting cancer altogether. The doctors that Somers has interviewed for this book are using breakthrough cancer treatments that help build up the body to fight cancer rather than tear it down. Somers has dealt with cancer on a personal level and this book talks about the choices she made and talks about the various options available for those fighting cancer. Somers has been cancer free for over 10 years so she does bring a certain level of experience to this book.

Knockout serves as a resource and can make you more aware of the many options available. Of course not all options are available in all areas, but knowing they are available will allow you to seek treatment. It offers hope in a time when many people might feel there are no options for their condition. The treatments in Knockout include some effective alternative treatments, integrative protocol and methods for managing cancer. Some treatment options offered are effective without using chemotherapy, radiation and in some cases without surgery.

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  • Discusses cancer treatment options that work
  • Book gives tips on how to prevent cancer
  • Interviews doctors directly who have had results with these treatments
  • Offers effective alternative treatments
  • Written by someone who has fought cancer and been successful
  • Offers hope to those with the disease
  • None to speak of

There is a lot of talk within the book about using the correct diet to prevent cancer in the first place. By eliminating chemicals from your diet, you can certainly help your chances of not being diagnosed with cancer at all. Taking nutrition seriously is a big part of changing your diet in favor of avoiding cancer. Not getting enough sleep, stress, chemicals, having an out of balance body clock and not getting enough activity can all play a part in increasing your chances of cancer. There is no blanket diet recommended in this book, but instead an individualized diet based on blood work conducted by a medical doctor.


Incorporating physical activity has been touted as part f what you need to avoid certain types of cancer. Keeping yourself healthy goes a long way in preventing diseases. There isn’t a specific workout plan involved with Knockout but there are several recommendations by the doctors interviewed that you should be getting exercise to increase your chances of staving off cancer.


Knockout by Suzanne Somers offers a different look at cancer and some of the alternative treatment options available. Somers carefully selects the doctors that are getting results from these treatments and interviews them to get insight. Hearing from someone who has dealt with cancer personally and been cancer free for over 10 years gives a certain level of credibility to this book. Somers has written several books on health and fitness as well. For those looking to avoid cancer or those dealing with it right now, give this book a try to make sure you’re aware of all possible treatment options.

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