‘Lean and Healthy to 100’ Takes a Natural Approach to Health

Gordon Filepas is a father, businessman, and husband just like millions of other people. But after losing his father and brother to cancer within three months of each other nearly 20 years ago, he began a relentless quest to know how to live a long and healthy life naturally. He shares those principles in his new book, ‘Lean and Healthy to 100.’

Of our obesity-ridden society, FIlepas says, “I don’t know how many more signs we need in Western society before we really get serious about our health.” The author considers his book a guide for achieving optimal health based on models from cultures where long lives are the norm.

One of the things Filepas is most passionate about is the health of his family. “When my children were born…I spent so much time watching my father and brother suffer and watched how the doctors couldn’t do anything for them despite their best efforts…it scared me pretty badly,” he says.

“Prior to this I had always taken health for granted. Their deaths woke me up and made me realize that I did not want to leave the health of my children to chance.”

On his website LeanAndHealthyTo100.com, Filepas says of his family, “We don’t have to ‘try’ to lose weight as there’s no need to when you keep your body in balance. We simply respect the inherent wisdom of our bodies by following the logical and time-tested common sense advice and steps in ‘Lean And Healthy To 100,’ and we trust our lives to this information.”

The author told Diets in Review that his personal secret to achieving and maintaining health is simple. “The secret for everyone is to simply give your body what it needs and stop giving it what it doesn’t. I lay out in ‘Lean And Healthy 100’ what the body needs and doesn’t need, and how to easily and inexpensively get it,” he says. “Much of this research has been around for up to 80 years, it’s just that few people know about it.”

As for what Filepas hopes readers of his book will gain, he desires them to understand and appreciate how easy it is to achieve health; that the natural, balanced state of their body is to be lean, healthy and long-lived, which is not difficult or confusing to attain; that peace of mind comes with knowing you are doing the correct things to achieve good health; and that we have control over about 90% of our health.

This book release couldn’t come at a more appropriate time, as projections of our nation’s obesity rates have reached epically horrifying levels. When asked what he sees as the single most important change America needs to make in order to get healthy, Filepas says we simply need to learn learn what our body needs, then do that every day…Ultimately, he says, this results in more of the proper nutrients and fewer toxins and things that break our bodies down.” Filepas says this is the best place to start, since so many people struggle to grasp this simple concept.

As a final thought, Filepas shared his favorite definition of aging, which is “Aging is when your body is breaking down faster than it can rebuild itself.”  ‘This is what’s happening to Americans, he says, ‘and it’s easy and inexpensive to fix with the proper knowledge.’

‘Lean and Healthy to 100’ is now available online and in bookstores nationwide.

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