Perez Hilton Shows Off 80-Pound Weight Loss at Awards Show

Everyone knows that red carpet appearances are everything for celebrities. And this well-known fact did not escape famed gossip blogger Perez Hilton who recently showed up to the 2012 LOGO “NewNowNext Awards” in Hollywood, California, completely shirtless, revealing an amazingly toned new body.

Perez looked half his original size due to his reported 80-pound weight loss, as he posed for cameras in a loud pant and suit coat ensemble with combat boots and a completely bare chest. His new figure has sent shockwaves through the celebrity (and health) world about his dramatic transformation.

Hilton spoke with Huffington Post “Gay Voices” after the event saying, “That outfit was more than just about fashion for me. It was also a statement,” said Perez. “I was saying, ‘I’m owning my body. I’ve worked very hard to transform it. And I’m feeling great!'”

Hilton began his very public weight loss journey several years ago, and even started a website focused on fitness, diet and health called in 2010. But even though it was known that he was working on shedding the pounds, no one expected the shockingly chiseled body he revealed on the red carpet. And although there are speculations that he may not have gone about the transformation completely naturally, Hilton says he did it all himself over time with hard work and dedication.

“It wasn’t quick,” said Hilton. “And I worked for it! I’m still working for it! In fact, I’m working much harder on my fitness now than when I first started this journey.”

Hilton further elaborated on his new perspective on health and says the transformation was about more than just appearance – that he hoped to encourage others through the experience, too. “Looking good isn’t as good as feeling good,” he said. “And I feel better than ever! I hope I’m able to inspire others.”

Hilton’s blogger name is actually a play on one of his favorite celebrities, Paris Hilton. But his true name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., and he was born in 1978 in Miami, Florida, to Cuban parents.

Hilton started blogging as a hobby back in 2004, and his site was named “Hollywood’s Most Hated Website,” for it’s overly-gossipy, sometimes hateful content. But despite bad press it reached new levels of popularity, and he has since become a Hollywood namesake for his up-to-the-minute news about all-things celebrity.

One of the most encouraging things about Hilton’s weight loss is that it’s inspired him to reconsider the content of his blogs. He has reportedly turned a new leaf in the last year, vowing to keep his content more positive and encouraging in an effort to steer away from the negative tone it was previously known for. We’re on board with all of these changes and wish Hilton the best of luck in his continued journey to health.

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