Perez Hilton Launches FitOrbit with Celebrity Trainers

online fitness programsPerez Hilton is promoting the online trainer program FitOrbit in a big banner on the top of FitPerez today. The infamous celebrity blogger flexes his biceps in the ad spot, under the tagline “FitPerez Says…Personal Attention Gets You Better Results.”

The FitOrbit is a service that matches clients with personal trainers who provide guidance online. For $40.00 per month, clients receive a diet and fitness plan, in addition to other resources on the FitOrbit site, such as a food journaling tool, exercise finder and progress tracker. Your trainer will help you set goals and devise a workout plan.

Perez explains the program in a video, saying that he’s brought on the same trainers that work with the Hollywood stars he blogs about. “You all know that I got so much happier when I got healthy, now I want to share these secrets that work for me with you,” he said, referring to his own 80 pound weight loss. Perez isn’t promising a quick fix, but says that the support provided by his team are a blueprint for success. He adds that you can “train with A-list trainers without the A-list prices.”

This message is a little confusing. Has Perez actually done the FitOrbit program? Did he contribute to creating it? Either way, FitOrbit does offer a very affordable price compared to similar online services that pair clients with professionals, such as My Body Tutor.

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