Join Biggest Loser on The PALA Fitness Plan

This week starts the eagerly anticipated “Biggest Loser” makeover episode. During this two-part event, the contestants go to the White House. There they reunite with their loved ones, visit with first lady Michelle Obama and take part in the show’s first-ever White House workout.

During their visit with Mrs. Obama, the contestants learn about PALA (Presidential Active Lifestyle Award), a six-week pledge based program. The program is designed to get both adults and children more physically active and healthy. Anyone can participate in the challenge. From children to senior adults, it is geared towards helping people get on the path to a healthier lifestyle through positive changes in physical activity and eating behaviors. Anyone with strict dietary needs, such as vegetarians, vegans and diabetics. You can sign up for just yourself or you can get a form a group and sign up together.

The challenge is broken down into two age groups, one is for adults and the other is for kids and teens between the ages of 6 and 17 years.

For the adults, the first part of the challenge involves becoming physically active. To meet this challenge you need to be active 30 minutes a day, at least five days of the week, for six out of eight weeks. An alternative can be to use a pedometer and reach a daily goal of 8,500 steps.

The second part is focusing on healthy eating. The challenge involves focusing on a healthy eating goal. Some of the goals you can choose from are eating smaller portions, eat seafood once a week or drink water instead of sugary drinks. There are eight to choose from and each week you will add a new goal while continuing with your previous goals.

For kids and teens, you need to be active 60 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, for 6 out of 8 weeks.  You have the same alternative with boys stepping 13,000 times a day and girls 11,000 times. Coming in August the goal will be 12,000 for both girls and boys.

The healthy eating goal is the same as adults, being that each week you choose a new goal while also continuing with your previous goals.

The first lady challenged the contestants on The Biggest Loser to see who can get the most people to sign up under their name on Anyone interested will be able to sign up after the episode airs and until April 25th. The contestant with the most people signed will receive $30,000 worth of gym equipment from Planet Fitness for their hometown. They will announce the winner at the finale.

If you happen to not live in the same town as one of the Biggest Loser contestants, don’t worry, you will still get something. Upon your completion of the 6-8 week PALA challenge, you will can receive your own award, the only catch is you’ll have to buy it.

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