Biggest Loser Season 9 Week 12 Recap with Amanda Arlauskas

This episode opened with Alison Sweeney standing in the gym alongside a podium with a big red button. Alison tells the contestants that they each have access to the scale all week, but only once. Each contestant has to compete in losing two percent of their body weight first, and once they are confident they have done just that, they have the chance to hit the red button, which alarms all across the Biggest Loser campus. The contestant will then weigh in, and if they hit the two percent they win immunity!

After only two days, Victoria Andrews feels the pressure and hits the button. She loses only three pounds compared to the six she needed, and has lost her chance at immunity. Just two days later, after a killer late night workout, Sam Poueu feels confident that he has lost his six pounds. As the sirens blare and the contestants gather to watch his weigh-in, everyone is shocked to see him not only surpass six pounds, but achieve an incredible 10-pound weight loss. Super impressive!

This week’s physical challenge is to retrieve 100 pounds of weights from the bottom of a pool and stack them onto a scale. Each contestant can only transfer two pounds at a time, which means 50 trips will be made by everyone. The winner will receive a two-week stay at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge. Whoever comes in last will receive a one pound disadvantage. Sunshine Hampton keeps the lead and wins the challenge. Unfortunately for Melissa Morgan, the contestants all give their help elsewhere, which lands her in last place.

The weigh-in starts off shaky, as contestants are losing both big and small numbers. Sunshine Hampton breaks out of the 200s as her father reaches a milestone of his own by surpassing the 100 pound weight-loss mark. Melissa Morgan and Drea Hough both fall below the yellow line; and it isn’t surprising that during elimination each vote seems to be for Melissa. After five votes in a row, she is eliminated, and is no longer eligible to be The Biggest Loser.

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