Texas Beauty Queen Stripped of Crown for Being Too Fat

Domonique Ramirez, the 17-year-old beauty queen Domonique Ramirez from Bexar County, Texas, is suing Miss Bexar County pageant officials for revoking her crown for gaining too much weight.

The organization claims that it wasn’t her weight that cost her the crown, but Ramirez “didn’t take her responsibilities seriously,” and would arrive to events late, “with no makeup, a dirty sash and a broken crown.”

Ramirez claims this isn’t true, and pageant officials stripped her of her crown for gaining weight. The pageant board’s spokeswoman, Linda Woods, admitted to telling Ramirez to “get off the tacos, get off the chips and the soda,” but Ramirez claims that Woods told her she was “just way too big,” and that “this is not going to work” during a photo shoot.

Woods says that the beauty queen’s weight was “absolutely not” a factor in the decision to take back her title, and that the pageant contract says nothing about weight and weight gain, but just that contestants must have a “healthy look.”

FoxNews obtained a copy of the pageant contract, however, which states “I understand that a baseline for my weight and measurements will be established at the time of this contract signing.” Ramirez claims to weigh the same 129 pounds she did when she won the title in April 2010, “give or take a few pounds.”

The Miss Bexar County Organization declared 21-year-old runner-up Ashley Dixon the new Miss San Antonio, but District Judge Larry Noll, the judge in charge of the lawsuit, has ruled that, until the case is resolved, she will retain her title.

via TIME

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