How to Lose Weight at 50

older couple walkingHalf-way to 100 and in the best shape of your life! Exercising and eating right are the two main ingredients for a healthy body. Do you exercise on a normal basis? Do you watch what you eat and try to get a variation of nutrition daily? I have a lot of friends and clients that say, “Hey, I workout on a daily basis, I can eat whatever I want!!” True, some people can get away with this, but why not exercise and eat healthy anyway?

Avoid sugary, salty, fatty, carb-loaded foods and try to focus on foods that are rich in nutrients and that actually benefit your body. Check out the Food Guide Pyramid if you have any questions about what to eat or portion sizes. I recommend exercising five to six days a week, but I realize that everyone doesn’t have the luxury of getting to the gym that often. Do your best and make the most out of each workout that you do. You should leave every exercise session dripping with sweat and at least somewhat exhausted. Cardiovascular training should be top priority while at the gym and weight training should be a close second. Below, I have put together a quick weight training routine to accompany your cardiovascular training (30-60 minutes). I recommend performing three sets of 20 repetitions at a light to medium weight. Try these in a circuit training style. So, do one set of each exercise without stopping and then repeat. The goal is to keep the heart rate up. Good Luck!!

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  1. barbara says:

    Exercising and dieting for 10 weeks and have lost 14 lbs. I am 51 and very frustrated because I want to lose more but the scale won’t budge.

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