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How to Lose Weight at 20

healthy young coupleDuring your 20s, you want to establish positive habits that can carry you through a long, healthy life. Stay active, eat right and follow these 10 tips to ensure you’re doing all you can to maintain a healthy weight, or lose a few extra college pounds.

1. Focus on cardio: Hit the cardio for at least 45 minutes to an hour. I recommend the treadmill, elliptical, or bike.

2. Weight training: Try using circuit training or super-setting styles to increase your heart rate and endurance.

3. Diet: Find a diet that you can stick to that is low in fat, sugar, sodium, carbohydrates, but high in fiber, protein, and other needed nutrients. MyPyramid is a good resource. (more…)

How to Lose Weight at 30

Healthy Young CoupleNo more 20s!! Are you 30 or older and trying to find helpful ways to lose or maintain weight? The 30s are tough due to the fact that your kids probably rule your life and it is hard to find time for yourself, let alone time to exercise. Below is a list of tips that may help you with this goal.

  1. Gym membership: Most gyms have remarkable nurseries or youth programs for your kids. I know it is costly, but it is definitely worth the investment.
  2. Find a partner: Having a partner with the same goals and fitness level is tough, but the motivation aspect of it is outstanding. (more…)

How to Lose Weight at 40

middle age couples walkingAre you in your 40s and having trouble with weight loss? The first step is to start a routine. Figure out what days and what times work for you and devote that time strictly to exercising. Try not to let anything or anyone distract you during this time.

Secondly, start slow and gradually progress to longer, harder workouts over time. (more…)

How to Lose Weight at 50

older couple walkingHalf-way to 100 and in the best shape of your life! Exercising and eating right are the two main ingredients for a healthy body. Do you exercise on a normal basis? Do you watch what you eat and try to get a variation of nutrition daily? I have a lot of friends and clients that say, “Hey, I workout on a daily basis, I can eat whatever I want!!” True, some people can get away with this, but why not exercise and eat healthy anyway?

Avoid sugary, salty, fatty, carb-loaded foods and try to focus on foods that are rich in nutrients and that actually benefit your body. Check out the Food Guide Pyramid if you have any questions about what to eat or portion sizes. I recommend exercising five to six days a week, but I realize that everyone doesn’t have the luxury of getting to the gym that often. Do your best and make the most out of each workout that you do. You should leave every exercise session dripping with sweat and at least somewhat exhausted. (more…)

How to Lose Weight at 60

elderly couple swimmingSixty down and many more to go! Are you in your sixties and searching for some new ways to lose or maintain your weight? Diet is the most important factor in these efforts. Try to limit your fat consumption and focus on smaller portion sizes. I recommend eating five or six small meals a day rather than three large ones. Eating six meals a day is rather time consuming, but worth it if you have time.

Also, I feel that balance and stability is vital for your age. Thus, I recommend Yoga and Pilates. Yoga improves your posture, endurance, flexibility, balance, sleep, joint range of motion, and many other benefits as well. Try engaging in a Yoga class for 30 to 60 minutes a day for two to three days a week. (more…)

How to Lose Weight at Age 70 and Beyond

healthy elderly coupleAre you 70 or older and trying to find a way to maintain or lose weight? Basically, any slight changes that you make will enhance the weight loss process. Changing your diet, exercising, or just being more active throughout the course of the day will help.

First, let’s discuss the diet. Try to avoid fast food as often as you can and check food labels as well. I recommend keeping a food log, this holds you accountable and helps you keep track of the amount of calories you intake. Try to focus on foods that are high in protein and low in sodium, fat, saturated fat, and carbohydrates. Make sure to watch your portion sizes, too. (more…)

Another Reason To Drop Weight

There are many reasons to not be obese. Now, it may be important if you want to have a child. The more obese you are, the less likely you are to become pregnant.