What is the 2,000 Calorie Diet?

I’ll be honest, the 2,000 Calorie Diet is only an appropriate weight-loss diet for a special segment of the population. That segment would include active young men with lots of muscle mass, growing teenagers, women who are extremely active, and people who are very tall with a large frame. The rest of us? We’ll probably maintain our weight or even gain weight with this many calories.

That being said, this is a delicious diet with lots of variety and lots of food to fill you up and fuel those workouts! Read on for a full 2,000 Calorie Diet eating and workout plan!

2,000 Calorie Diet Eating Plan

Breakfast: Make a breakfast burrito with one small whole wheat tortilla, one scrambled egg cooked in one teaspoon canola oil, one-third of a cup of black beans and two tablespoons of salsa. Also enjoy a cup of skim milk.

Morning Snack: Eat one orange and a small handful of almonds.

Lunch: Enjoy a taco salad with 2 ounces tortilla chips, two ounces of ground turkey,  half a cup of fat-free refried beans, two cups of baby spinach, diced tomato, one ounce of low-fat cheddar cheese, two tablespoons of salsa, one-fourth of an avocado and a little lime juice.

Afternoon snack: Munch on an apple with one tablespoon of natural peanut butter.

Dinner: Eat two medium slices of Hawaiian pizza with a green salad with two cups of leafy greens, a drizzle of low-fat vinaigrette and half of a cup of skim milk.

Evening treat: Enjoy one square of dark chocolate.

2,000 Calorie Diet Exercise Plan

Cardiovascular: Get 45 minutes to an hour of activity most days of the week, with a mix of low-intensity (like walking), moderate-intensity (like playing tennis) and high-intensity exercise (like running).

Strength: Lift weights three times a week, always with a day of rest between sessions. Try to make at least one of those strength works a challenging bootcamp or other workout with plyometrics.

Flexibility: Squeeze in a 15-minute yoga workout one or two times a week, and always give your muscles a good stretch when you cool down.

Sounds fun, right?

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