Tasty Weight Watchers Dinner Ideas

It’s dinner time, your stomach is growling, but you just don’t know what meal to prepare that also won’t ruin your new Weight Watchers diet? Have no fear! DietsinReview is here to help you plan a yummy, Weight Watchers friendly dinner. All of these dinners will help you stay within your daily PointsPlus allotments without sacrificing your taste buds’ happiness levels!

Dinner #1

Who says you can’t enjoy cookout favorites just because you’re on a diet? Start off with the Apple Carrot Salad. This salad will get you plenty of healthy vitamins and nutrients while still tasting decadently delicious. Add a healthier version of the All American Potato Salad as another cookout-inspired side dish. Your main entree will be the Crock Pot Burger Heaven Casserole, an easy dish that you are sure to love! After your meal, enjoy some fresh fruit or the Summer Fruit Salad for dessert. Remember, fruits and veggies don’t have any PointsPlus value, so feel free to snack on them as often as you like!

Dinner #2
This delicious Southwestern Grilled Sirloin is sure to make your mouth water while still shrinking your waistline. Have a side of Zesty Coleslaw and some Roasted Potatoes with Garlic to complete the meal. After your meal, relax and enjoy a gooey, chocolatey, Rocky Road Brownie or two; they really aren’t that bad for your Weight Watchers diet, so feel free to indulge just a little!

Remember: the key to success is balance and moderation. Lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are definitely your friends! DietsinReview has a whole recipe category devoted exclusively to Weight Watchers, so check it out to find more yummy recipes that will fit into your new, balanced lifestyle!

by Kelsey Murray

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