Packaged Foods Falsely Marketed as Weight Loss Aids

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Diet Soda

When people start cutting calories, one of the first moves they make is to kick the can of regular soda to the side for a can of Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, or Diet Dr. Pepper. It might say zero calories on the can, but the damage its doing to your body is adding up quickly. Our resident dietitian Mary Hartley, RD noted earlier this year, at the release of Pepsi Next, that these diet or lower-calorie sodas are still full of additives and preservatives and “keep your sweet-tooth revved up,” she said. Just how bad is it? This graphic argues which is worse – marijuana or diet soda.

Better Choice: It’s always water. You can snazz it up with fresh citrus juice, mint leaves, or even cucumber slices. The SodaStream Fizz Machine carbonates your water to give it that bubbly burn you love.

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