Packaged Foods Falsely Marketed as Weight Loss Aids

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Similar to the meal replacement style of the Special K Challenge, Slim-Fast‘s plan has you replace breakfast and lunch with their shakes and then consume a “sensible dinner.” While the 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of protein advertised on the front of the bottle with a “up to four hours hunger control” message seems mighty appealing, it’s what’s on the other side of the label that turns us off. Eighteen grams of sugar is a quite a lot, that’s more than is in a Pop-Tart! It comes from sugar being the third ingredient, not to mention other sugar sources like fructose and sucralose. It also has hydrogenated oil, which is a deal breaker in our book.

Better Choice: If it’s a filling drink on the run you need, make your own smoothies. Gain protein and fiber from a Greek yogurt, and the fiber from whole oats or flaxseed, not to mention all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can mix in. Need chocolate? A dash of quality cocoa powder will be sweetened by all of the fruit!

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