New Book “Think and Grow Thin” Hits Shelves Tomorrow

charles d'angelo book coverTomorrow is the release date for Charles D’Angelo’s new book, Think and Grow Thin. D’Angelo has been a long time, successful weight-loss coach and is now revealing his techniques in his new book. D’Angelo first gained recognition as a teenager. In two years he dropped 156 pounds and began his life long journey to fitness and health. D’Angelo had coached celebrities, politicians, and CEOs. All of these elites have transformed their bodies. Now anyone can learn from D’Angelo.

The book will reveal the weight loss tips that D’Angelo has given his clients for years. His method focuses more on the mind than the body. D’Angelo is known for helping people overcome the mental aspects of their obesity and extra weight. Along with sharing his method, D’Agelo’s book provides eating plans and motivation to lead the reader to permanent weight-loss. Much of the motivation will come in the form of clients success stories and their inspirational before and after photographs.

One of D’Angelo’s best reviews come from our now, very trim, former President Bill Clinton. “I’ve seen several of my friends benefit from their work with Charles. His book’ Think and Grow Thin’ proves the enormous power of healthy food and exercise combined with the personal determination to stay with it. Charles gets amazing results. Read the book, follow it, and you will too.”

Now that the New Year resolutions have possible faded and success has eluded once more, maybe today’s the day it can be found again. Think and Grow Thin hits shelves and virtual shelves today.

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